Saturday, December 06, 2008

PhotoHunt: Breakfast

Today's PhotoHunt theme is Breakfast, and this theme is just too perfect to let pass, because breakfast is one of our favorite meals. I searched and can't believe I couldn't find a picture of Maggie stalking Dad's cereal bowl. I did find one of Huggy Bear and I surrounding Dad as he ate some cereal, but it just wasn't a good picture. (It lacked "sticky person" cuteness...)

So I went into the vault and pulled some of my favorite breakfast snack pictures. This is from a while back, when Gracie visited and spent the night. Gracie is probably our favorite sticky person (because her little sister hasn't learned how to feed us yet).

Huggy Bear eating from Gracie's hand
Here's gracie giving Huggy Bear a treat. Look at her concentration.

Open up!
And then Gracie's showing Maggie how to open her mouth to get her treat. Although Gracie makes us work for it, the Temptations are worth it in the end.

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