Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another orange cat!

We are so excited for our Aunt Tiff! It appears that she will be adopting an orange cat named Rocky! And we all know the no house is complete without an orange cat. ;) Rocky will be joining Lucy and Ethel. Rocky had a rocky start. He was a feral cat that was rescued by the same group who rescued Lucy and Ethel. But the poor guy had had a toughie, and his lower lip had gotten ripped back pretty bad. It was touch and go for him for quite some time, and no one really knew if he was going to make it. But he has pulled through, and it looks like he is going to get a wonderful home. We couldn't be happier! If you want to learn more about Rocky, you can find updates on their Facebook timeline (, although you may have to scroll down some and hunt for it, because that's how Facebook is...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seriously behind on updating

I am getting way behind on updating. My assistants (the ones with the thumbs) have been very busy and haven't taken the time to help me. Mom's Dad was in for Father's Day (and Mom's birthday, and Maggie's too), and then back visiting the last weekend too. He was traveling through on his way to and from Charleston so we got to spend some time with him. He's funny because he calls us funny names.  Huggy Bear is Buggy Hair, and Josie is Jose. I know he had names for Maggie and me, too, but as soon as I started typing I forgot. But I thought Buggy Hair was the best...

I still need to post Maggie's birthday cake pictures. I haven't forgotten.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Two very happy birthdays

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You are all too kind. Maggie and Mom both had very nice birthday celebrations. We'll be posting pictures of Maggie's birthday cake soon. On Friday night Mom had a disco party so we were sent to the master bathroom. Dad meant well and bought us some turducken flavored wet food as a treat. Well, the juice was good, but the turducken was not so much. As a new rule, Dad -- no food that's not really found in nature, OK?

On Sunday, Josie brought Mom a birthday present. Josie had been out in the garage and caught a lizard (really, a salamander or skink) and brought it into the living room for Mom. Josie set it down, then chased it again. Josie was having so much fun, too. But then Mom realized what she had. Dad just said, "Josie! Come on," and walked with Josie back to the garage, Josie with the lizard in her mouth. Dad tried to get the lizard from her, and it took him a while before she would drop it. Dad evicted us all from the garage, then went to find the lizard, but he was gone. Later, Dad found him outside, but he didn't make it. Poor lizard, but they should all have learned by now, really. The worst part, I don't think Mom really was excited about the gift. (OK, she was excited, but not how Josie thought she would be.)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Maggie!

I really can't believe it is Maggie's seventh birthday! Time goes by so fast. I still remember when Mom and Dad were nursing her back to health.

Maggie is the third from the right. She was one of a litter of 10 (or maybe nine, with a tenth joining from another litter). They all had nicknames so Mom and Dad could keep up with who had gotten their baths and meds. Momma cat tried to care for them, but it was too much, and most got some sort of upper respiratory infection. So Mom and Dad were up early each day de-fleaing and medicating them. They were all good kittens, but Maggie was the sickest of the litter and got spoiled by Mom in the process of getting well.

Well, seven years later she's still being spoiled by Mom and Dad. She really likes to try to boss us around. Every now and then we have to tussle just to make sure she knows who's boss. (OK, I have bad tussling technique, so a lot of time she wins. But it's not fair, because she bites my butt...)

Maggie being cute and snuggly
Here's Maggie the other day, snuggling with Mom and Dad while watching The Big C.

I never imaged that I'd have three other siblings, but I now I imagine not having them. Happy Birthday little sister!

(Oh, and Maggie shares her birthday with Mom, so Happy Birthday to Mom too!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vishus baby deer

Mom and Dad were at Fripp Island on the coast of South Carolina last week. This is a beautiful island, and it is also a nature preserve so there are deer everywhere. We tried to warn Mom and Dad of the vishus deer before they went. Look what they encountered...

Vishus baby deer
Vishus baby deer! Look at that thing! Tell me you wouldn't trust it!

Dad actually got a picture of a deer kicking at another deer. The deer didn't want to share its peach that Dad had tossed to it. After the deer kicked, Dad decided it was a good time to go back inside.

Mom and Dad had a great trip. They also saw two alligators and a dolphin (not at the same time). Last year they saw a baby sea turtle make its way to the ocean, but this year they were too early for the turtles.

They had a great time, but I know they were happy to come back and snuggle with us.

(And just for fun, they weren't too far from Morgan Island, aka Monkey Island, although there's no visiting that one.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom and Dad are back!

Mom and Dad made it back from the beach late Saturday night. They have lots of good pictures, including some of the vishus deer (and they did get a little vishus with each other). In the meantime, I found a picture that I forgot to share with you.

Cat bored after snake won't play
Dad has a tabby cat that visits him at work. He hunts the squirrels around the office and torments the birds like you would expect from a tomcat. And in the case of this picture, he was messing with a snake. Dad came back from lunch to see the cat getting something, and some large birds swooping around in the same space. Dad really thought the cat had found a baby bird, but when he looked closer Dad could see the coiled up snake. Dad really thought that the cat had killed the snake, but when the cat got bored with the snake and started rolling around in the parking lot, Dad saw the snake start to raise its head. That's when Dad decided the snake needed to go somewhere else. Dad found a long (long) stick and used it to toss the snake into the neighboring yard (there's a chain link fence, and the snake slithered through). The cat quickly hopped up and followed it. That's where the story ended for Dad ... snake away from his parking lot and his patients.

Don't look any further if you don't like snakes, but here's a close-up of the snake.

Snake in the parking lot
Ugh ... snakes! Another reason to be an inside cat.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Making sure they'll miss us

Mom and Dad are getting ready to go to the beach for a couple of days. They are going back to Fripp Island, where they went last year and saw vicious deer and alligators and a baby sea turtle. (OK, the deer were very nice, and ate out of Aunt Tiff's hands, but you can never been too cautious.)

Since Mom and Dad will be gone, we have made it a point to be extra cute so they will miss us.

Maggie on the bag
Here's Maggie curled up on a reusable grocery bag. She was sliding it around the bedroom like a sled.

Huggy Bear on the laptop (cattop?)
Huggy Bear turned the laptop into a cattop.

Jasper getting string on Jeni's pjs
And I decided to try to get the string hanging off of the leg of Mom's pjs.

Josie decided to play hard-to-get instead. Mom said we didn't have to do anything to make sure they'd miss us, because they always do. But they also said they need to get some sun and sand and salt water so they can be better humans again. So we'll let them go, this time. Hopefully they'll bring us back some shrimp (but not a deer).

Friday, June 01, 2012

They may be on to us...

I think the people may be figuring us out...

Here's the original website.