Friday, June 29, 2007

Maggie's upside-down attack

(Mom wanted me to go ahead and post something because she was getting sad seeing our note to Buzzerbee, so here's a funny little Maggie moment...)

Mom and Dad really wish we had cameras on us all the time, because sometimes we do things that they just don't get to capture except in their mind's eye. Last night, Mom and Dad were making treats for Dad's patients (a fun little theme on Fridays this June) and Maggie and Huggy Bear were "helping". At one point, Huggy Bear was under the tall table in the kitchen that has the bar stools with it. Maggie decided to go into attack mode. She rolled onto her back partway under the stool, placed her rear feet on the cross-bar of one of the stools, then pushed with her legs to launch herself on her back, sliding across the floor at Huggy Bear about a foot away. It was quite a sneak attack method, probably not altogether effective in all cases, but was enough to goose HB and claim his spot.

BTW, HB explored the cat stroller last night. Mom and Dad placed it in the living room for us to get comfortable with (and by us, I mean Josie, Maggie and Huggy Bear -- I don't acknowledge it's existence). So last night HB climbed in all on his own. Mom thought it was Josie at first, but then she saw how big he was, and Dad walked over and saw it was HB instead. Then later Maggie climbed on top of the outside of the stroller and took a short nap. Slowly but surely, I guess. We did get pictures of the stroller adventure, but they're still on the camera, so I'll post them soon.

Everyone have a safe Fourth of July weekend (weird, since the Fourth is on a Wednesday, as far away from any weekend as it can get...) and watch out for all those loud booms (fireworks are legal in SC so we get impromptu celebrations from the neighbors ... ugh).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couch Potato

Look what mom found online today! We need four please!

Cool kitty art

Check out cocktail party kitty...

Tummy Tabby Tuesday

Maggie has always loved to play paperball. It was the very first game she learned to play. When she was a tiny, tiny kitten, mom would let her and her brothers and sisters out to play on the patio and mom would read her magazines. One day mom crumbled up a subscription postcard and the kittens played with it forever. That is how Maggie started playing paperball. (Notice all the paperballs on the floor. Mom was having fun playing with Maggie on Sunday.)

LOOK at that polka dotted tummy!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mancat Monday

The two mancats of the house relaxing and enjoying the day!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mocking bird update

Dad was out watering a few plants yesterday and saw a baby mockingbird in the backyard that hasn't quite learned to fly. He's somewhere between sad and comical as he runs and flaps trying to get some air under his tiny wings. Dad saw him pass through a gap in the fence to the neighbor's back yard (bad call by my account since they have a yippie little dog) but we expect him to be airborne in a few days and then the fiasco will be over. We hope. In the meantime, we're staying ever vigilant by the back windows -- and drooling.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

All this mocking is for the birds

We have two mocking birds that are perching on our back deck, making all kinds of racket and driving our entire household nuts. I don't think Huggy Bear ate all day yesterday because he was on the couch watching for the birds. This morning one of the birds was even swooping at the window trying to scare us off -- didn't work! We're still watching.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Firefighters rescue cats, rat

Firefighters resuscitated four cats and a pet rat! And in another story, these firefighters rescued a tabby kitten who was stuck in a drain. I like the good news stories...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maggie's stroller adventure

Well Mom and Dad took Maggie out in the stroller last night. Overall, there were mixed results. The key lesson learned: Don't exit through the garage because Maggie will freak out when you open the loud garage door. Dad doesn't want us to relate the front door to an exit to the outside world. Oddly, we'll rush the garage door, but we show minimal interest in the front door, and Mom and Dad want to keep it that way. So they thought they'd use the garage door instead. So maybe it'll be a back door exit for the stroller. When Maggie was first outside in the stroller Mom and Dad stayed in the driveway and Maggie seemed pretty comfortable with the idea. She actually seemed to like things. Once Mom and Dad started to stroll down the street to show Maggie off to a neighbor, Maggie got a little less comfortable (probably in part of the world she's not seem nor smelled) and curled up in the more sheltered part of the stroller. Mom and Dad called it quits at that point, brought her back into the garage (recall lesson learned) and preceded to freak Maggie out shutting the garage door. She calmed down after about 30 minutes. I think the garage door traumatized her more than the stroller. Maybe Josie will get a ride this evening. HB and I have yet to pay much attention to the stroller at all.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cat stroller

We got our cat stroller this weekend and Mom and Dad assembled it last night while watching the season premiere of the Dead Zone. Maggie explored it real good and even went for a ride around the living room. Then Dad parked it so we can sniff it and get comfortable with it and Josie took a nap inside the stroller. Mom and Dad were pleased with our initial response to the cat stroller. We'll see once we're in the driveway, but we're all staying optimistic.

New litter box disposal concept

Dad seemed to like this idea, but the neighbors might not.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A car in our garage?!?

Mom said we might have hail last night, big hail, so Mom and Dad shifted things in the garage, making half of it a lot messier than it had been already, and put the car in our garage. This makes no sense to me. We stay inside, the car stays outside, right? I don't think we should have to share our garage haven with this big dirty thing that I just know Mom's not going to let us explore anyway. It's just not right...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom says Josie has a purrrfect tuxie face. I think she could be a bandit with her cute little mask.


Please pray for Buzzerbee. He's heading in for another procedure, and hopefully a successful one.

Cord Chewer's Anonymous

I think I need to enroll in Cord Chewer's Anonymous. I just can't help myself. Dad busted me for chewing through the charger cord for the cell phones. He taped it up and if it lays the right way it still works. He has another one, but he can't remember which box he saw it in. I tried to distract him by pointing out that someone other than me had clawed the dryer vent hose and ripped two big holes in it that he had to repair last weekend before the humidity drove Mom insane. But I guess they're still on cord watch for me. I do have a history, I guess ... maybe I'm just born to chew. It all started the first day I was adopted and I chewed through the power cord to the cordless phone. I've been addicted ever since. Maybe it's just the rush, the thrill, the danger. Maybe it just teases me to be dangling there, waiting to be chewed...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mr Lee CatCam

Ginger pointed me to the Mr. Lee CatCam and this is so cool ... and he was born right here in Columbia where Josie, HB and Maggie were born. Mom and Dad have always wanted to try this (except the technology escapes them) just to see what we do all day.

Cat stroller

Mom was so excited when she saw Finnegan and Buddy's cat stroller that she went and looked at PetSmart. Then Buddy said they got theirs on eBay, so Mom checked it out and found a really cool orange on that matches me! And we won it for half the sale price at PetSmart. Mom said it has a tracking number, which I guess means it should be here soon. For an inside cat, this is very exciting. It's like having a window to sit in that moves with me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cat Paws Rug

Our Aunt Cathy sent us this link to a rug I think every cat house should have. Thanks Aunt Cathy!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tuxie Tummy Tabby Toy Tuesday

More pictures from our super fun play day with Aunt Tiff and her feather toys she bought us...

Here's Josie in a perfect Tuxie Tuesday huntress pose. She would grab the feathers, then run away and try to take them. It looked like she was on the end of a fishing line.

This is another great shot of Josie extending to get the feathers as Maggie watched. A little Tuxie Tummy, too...

Probably the best Tummy Tuesday shot of the day from us! Maggie really wanted to swat it good! (Click to biggify and check out Maggie's claws in her right paw.)

As you can she, she got it!

Thought I'd share a little side tummy shot of me too. I have a little more side tummy to show than the girls.

And one last picture, a Tabby Tuesday with a House Panther thrown in (Huggy Bear deserved some face time, too).

Mancat Monday

Remember when I told you all about my Aunt Tiff buying us a couple of super cool toys...well here is one of them. Here I am putting the toothy death on this crazy pink feather.

And here I am giving it the smack down with my giant paw! As you can see, Josie the huntress is trying to help me out. But as you know I'm a mancat so I don't need any help, little sister! Mom just told me to be nice...Thanks Josie for trying to help me get the crazy feathers! Also thanks Aunt Tiff for being the super coolest kittycat aunt!

FYI - I will be posting more feather pictures tomorrow for Tuxie and Tummy Tuesday.