Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Camera hog

Have I mentioned that Maggie is a camera hog? Well, she is. As soon as the camera comes out, there she is. She says it's just that she wants that dangly wrist strap, and that she has sworn an oath to put the toothy death on it any chance she gets, but if you ask me, I think she likes the attention. You see, er... actually, you can't because of Maggie, but if you could, you'd see that I'm being very cute in this picture, curled up nicely in the sink like big orange cats are supposed to do on hot South Carolina days. But then, here comes Maggie. Ugh, sisters! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Huggy pounces Maggie

Dad found the "burst mode" on the camera which allows you to take several pictures quickly. Without the flash, you end up with what almost looks like stop-action or slow-motion film if you flip through them quickly. Dad did this with a wrestling match between Huggy Bear and Maggie. (Don't feel bad for her, she eggs him on.) There are some really neat sequences, but for a single shot, this is our favorite. We lost some details, but there's such motion and you can really see how fluid Huggy Bear is in his pounce, even for a little chunk like him. (OK, don't tell him I called him a chunk because we usually play nice and I don't feel like getting the pounce right now.) Posted by Picasa

Morning sunshine

Josie just loves that morning ray of sunshine. Mom says she's just a perfect little tuxedo cat. I'd have to agree. Posted by Picasa

Zoom Groom

Thank you Edsel! Thank you thank you thank you ... On your recommendation, Mom and Dad picked up a Zoom Groom today and we just love it! Josie, who usually has nothing to do with brushes, keep coming back for more. And I thought that the brush was getting most of my loose hair, but then the Zoom Groom came along and it's "Hair City" now, according to Mom. Sure, it took them some looking. They finally found it at this great local pet supply store. So thank you once again Edsel -- the Zoom Groom is the best!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dad's favorite author

Dad's favorite author is Neil Gaiman, and he keeps a Journal and he sometimes writes about his cat (the fact that he's a cat lover makes him my favorite author too, although I nap on books instead of reading them). Seems Fred has had some tough times, and is a polydaktyl cat, too...

[Dad says that Neil Gaiman's collection of short stories Smoke and Mirrors has a great story called "The Price" about a cat. Apparently it's reprinted here, most likely without permission.]

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What are they thinking?

Admittedly, I'm an indoor cat. Always have been. Born in the shelter. Put in a carrier, to the car, to the house. Three brief trips out on the leash (playing with the leash seemed more fun than figuring out where the wind was coming from ... and one time they let me play in snow, yes, cold white snow!). So I speak as an indoor only cat when I say this, and maybe that's why I ask: What are they thinking? The other day, Maggie stepped out onto the back porch when Dad went to water some plants. Usually she is good and waits right at the door as Dad opens, then promptly closes, the sliding screen door. But the other day she decided to step on out. Twice! And then last night she got her head out before Dad almost closed it in the door. To top things, Huggy Bear got half his body out the front door when a friend was leaving yesterday afternoon. You'd think after his few outdoor outings -- a quick sprint as a kitten where Dad caught him by the tail and he turned back in, and two brief visits to the back porch -- that he'd get the idea that inside is better than outside. We have air conditioning, couches, ice cubes, toys, food, water, brushes, beds, food for crying out loud, creature comforts! What could they want outside? Haven't they seen Midnight's injuries, the scruffy tuxedo cat, the hungry kitten, the mean-looking cat with the big hoo-haas, and the skinny version of me Mom and Dad call Bizzaro Jasper? Huggy and Maggie have got to stop worrying Mom and Dad with this foolishness. I guess I'll just never understand...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mixed signals

Last night I was sitting in the window watching my favorite TV show -- 24 -- with Mom and Dad and Maggie was being so sweet. She sat in front of me and I put my ears flat and she gave me a nice little head bath. It was sweet. Then today happened. She's been a wild child. She bit my butt and made me yelp. Mom has had to separate us a few times (I'm not proud of the fact that I out-weigh her by 11 pounds and Mom has to pull her off of me, but she has those little kitten teeth, and they're like mini-daggers or paper cuts and they hurt!) ... It's just so unpredictable living with a kitten. I think she's acting out in denial of her upcoming birthday (in two months).

Putting her stink on it

Maggie just can't get enough of putting her smell on everything -- not spraying, but just rubbing against stuff. Mostly it's her face, and usually it's Mom or Dad, or whoever else is visiting at the moment. It's not that I care that she's rubbing on them, just so long as she knows that doesn't make them "hers" and that she has to share them.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cat masseuse

Have you seen the cat masseuse video yet? It's going around email, I guess, but I found it on Cat Addiction. The sound seemed bad on this video, unfortunately. Either way, I think it's nice of the cat if it's what the cat wants to do. Otherwise, the dog is just taking advantage. Also, I found another massaging cat video while looking for the first.

(I always think it's funny to go to a new blog and see me and my friends linked from it...)

Cats get revenge

Aunt Cathy posted these pictures of her brother's cats left out in the rain. Poor guys. But it looks like the tuxedo got revenge...

Monday, May 15, 2006

2006 Catolympics

We missed the signups for the 2006 Catolympics but it's probably best since they are on Mom's birthday. But we're looking forward to watching for the results. Good luck everyone!


Mom and Dad made it safely home yesterday in time for us to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom. We were so happy to have them home and we all took our turns snuggling with them last night while they slept. No party while they were gone because Aunt Tiff is coming today and we had to have the place looking OK for her visit.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lounging by the door

We are loving these mild spring days. Last weekend (before the rain) we lounged by the back door while Midnight lounged on the little tables out back. Mom and Dad are going out of town this weekend for their nephew's high school graduation so we won't get open-door time this weekend. I'll be left in charge, and Josie backs me up pretty good. Huggy never causes any trouble (except for opening all the cabinets). Maggie's the only one who gets wild, but the three of us should be able to wrangle her in if we need to. Even though I'm in charge, I'll still be eager for Mom and Dad to get home. Posted by Picasa

Gracie plays on our scratcher

I forgot to post this picture from Gracie and Lisa's visit two weekends ago. Gracie it seems is forced to make due when she visits. Our place isn't really "kid equipped" although we are pretty well "cat equipped." Gracie turned our Apline Scratcher into a slide. I guess we can share since she's cute and gives us treats. Posted by Picasa

It's not easy being green

This guy better watch his back. Dad spotted him hanging out on our porch and if he's not careful Midnight may make a snack out of him. We didn't have these in Iowa (too cold in the winter) but they sure are fun to watch. (By the way, technically he's climbing up a column here, but it looked better this way...) Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006

Programming advice

Uncle Doug often receives programming advice from Grey. Sometimes that advice is "take a nap." Posted by Picasa

Warning: Cute

This is too cute, all of this! Do not let your beans see it or you may have a new cuteness standard to live up to.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Kangaroo cat

The other morning Dad ran out to Hardees while Mom was still in bed. Then Mom heard this skritch, skritch sound like claws on metal. Her first thought was that Midnight was outside clawing at the front door begging for treats. She stepped out and saw Maggie and Josie by the front door getting something in the bottom right corner. Mom couldn't see anything at first. Then she noticed the silver magnetic clothes pin down by the corner of the door. This clothes pin is usually in the middle of the door for notes and reminders to Dad (forgetful). Well, Mom put the clothes pin back where it goes, and right away Maggie goes back to making the skritch, skritch sound Mom had awoken to ... jumping almost all the way up the door to knock the clothes pin down! For a little girl, she can really get up there. When Dad got home, she was still doing it! Amazing... (You can kind of see the silver clothes pin in the picture in the middle of the upper + of the design on the door just above Maggie's head and left paw. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was trying to look out the peep hole.) Posted by Picasa

Who is that?

Mom got her hair cut off today for Locks of Love. I think Maggie was a little slow to recognize her, but she sure looks cute with her new "sanitary cut" ...

Cleaning Midnight?!?

Have your beans ever tried to help a feral cat? They don't quite get what you're trying to do.

Mom and Dad first started feeding Midnight late last summer after he came visiting and it was apparent he had gotten a little torn up in a fight. He had lost some hair on the left side of his face. Well, now his right cheek is torn up. Again, he is missing hair down to the bone. This morning, it looked a little bloody, like he had either tousled with someone or got itchy and he scratched it. So this afternoon Dad went out with a damp paper towel to try to clean it a little. He only wasted about two minutes, walking within a foot of Midnight before Midnight would give him the "come on man, I just got comfortable and now I have to get up and scamper away from you" look, and walk away from Dad. While Dad is circling Midnight, Midnight keeps rubbing his exposed jaw on corners to scratch it. Ugh! The definition of futility, really.

Dad decided maybe he'd just put out some ice water for Midnight instead.

Prince Diaper -- sad, but not sad

If you haven't visited this little guy yet, you really should. Start at the beginning ... it is quite a story and worth the time. Sad, and uplifting at the same time because you realize in the face of overwhelming adversity there are good people out there who step up.
(Thanks Scooby, Shaggy and Scout for passing this one along.)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Goodbye Lucy

Uncle Doug and Aunt Cathy's dog Lucy crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She was the companion of their eldest son Tommy. Lucy was a sweet golden mix who suffered with arthritis but still managed to show love and affection to the entire family. Three days ago, she just stopped eating and drinking. Her suffering ended today. I hope their suffering ends soon... Posted by Picasa

Flower time

Mom and Dad have bought some flowers for the big pots on the back porch. Josie likes to watch Mom and Dad work out back on nice sunny days. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

Gray and white kitten

We haven't seen our little gray and white visitor for a few days. We're starting to think that he may have been adopted. He was very cute and friendly and, according to Mom and Dad, oh so soft when they picked him up for inspection. Keep your fingers crossed that he found a home!