Friday, May 05, 2006

Cleaning Midnight?!?

Have your beans ever tried to help a feral cat? They don't quite get what you're trying to do.

Mom and Dad first started feeding Midnight late last summer after he came visiting and it was apparent he had gotten a little torn up in a fight. He had lost some hair on the left side of his face. Well, now his right cheek is torn up. Again, he is missing hair down to the bone. This morning, it looked a little bloody, like he had either tousled with someone or got itchy and he scratched it. So this afternoon Dad went out with a damp paper towel to try to clean it a little. He only wasted about two minutes, walking within a foot of Midnight before Midnight would give him the "come on man, I just got comfortable and now I have to get up and scamper away from you" look, and walk away from Dad. While Dad is circling Midnight, Midnight keeps rubbing his exposed jaw on corners to scratch it. Ugh! The definition of futility, really.

Dad decided maybe he'd just put out some ice water for Midnight instead.

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