Thursday, April 30, 2020

And then there was cake!

Happy birthday boys!

Tonight we celebrated Loki's (left) and Aslan's (right) first birthday. Mom and Dad fixed us each a Stinky Goodness cake in the shape of a 1. I even got one a 1 cake, even though I'm 14. 

Now I'm purring my sleep on the couch while Aslan wrestles a nip banana and Loki is cleaning up the leftovers. 

Happy Birthday Kittens!

Today is Aslan and Loki's FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can't believe those little stinkers are already one year old. They've been with us for nine months, and I'm slowly warming to them. Sure, there's still some hissing but there's also more hanging out. So that's good.

Aslan and Loki (and a little Maggie)
Here's Loki as a tiny kitten. These are screen shots from Dad's phone, but we left them uncropped for the date on the bottom.

Aslan and Loki (and a little Maggie)
And here's Aslan as a tiny kitten! It's hard to believe they were ever that small. Aslan is around 12 pounds now.

Aslan and Loki (and a little Maggie)
Here are the boys patiently waiting for Mom and Dad to finish the puzzle they were working on so the boys could get some treats.

Aslan and Loki (and a little Maggie)
You can see Aslan snoopervising the puzzle work. If he didn't try to help Mom and Dad would finish faster and he'd get those treats he wants.

Tonight for their birthday they are going to have some Stinky Goodness Birthday Cake and get all the love they want. I'll post some more pictures later tonight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sometimes this happens

So yeah, sometimes this happens. I have been sleeping on my favorite blankets on this comfy couch. Tonight Aslan curled up near me. Loki was up here last night. Their birthday is tomorrow so I figured I'd be nice and let them hang out with me some. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020


I've done my share of hunting. As the senior cat in the house I get to rest like this while the boys are now in charge of hunting bugs. The reality of living in South Carolina is sometimes there will be a bug in the house. 

The other day we had an ant invasion — those tiny annoying sugar ants. It happens once a year usually in the spring when it's been dry. The ants had found a wayward treat in the pantry that the kittens must have knocked under the door. Loki showed Mom the ants. He's the first McKitten-Cat to ever give an ant any notice. But he hunted them like an aardvark and snoopervised Mom's cleanup. 

Now Aslan likes to play ball. I've mentioned before how he'll hunt a foil ball and play fetch. He had been doing that one night until the ball vanished. So later Dad was asleep and Mom was up watching TV because she can't sleep. Well Aslan came up and dropped something in Mom's hand. She was expecting the ball, not a roach. She threw it on Dad, screaming "there's a roach in the bed!" Dad hopped up and finished the "hunt" for Aslan. Then Aslan got a treat for being a good hunter. 

(OK, this makes us sound dirty. Our house is clean. These are rare instances but it unfortunately is what sometimes happens in the South.)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Two cats in the window?

Dad got Mom a cool cat pot for her office. She was going to put some succulents in it before everything went crazy, so now it just sits in the window of the office at home. This morning Loki was in the window too, peeking back at Dad just like the pot. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Sleepy Loki

Loki has enjoyed napping with Mom and Dad. If there's something good from this lockdown it's the napping with Mom. Dad is still at work but Mom is working from home. 

Last Saturday Loki ended up at the vet because he didn't seem to be eating and was throwing up. Blood work was ok and he got an antinausea shot and has been doing better. 

The Friday before that I was at the vet with a UTI. I was given some meds and am doing well too. This just isn't how we wanted to spend our isolation time — it's hard enough going to the vet without the extra worry. Take care of yourselves in the difficult time. 

Sunday, April 05, 2020

In tent

The kittens are learning about the joy of getting in "tent" with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad will bend their knees up and pull the covers up and we will get under their knees and curl up. It's dark and warm and you still get to snuggle with Mom and Dad. The kittens just learned this today. This was one of Josie's favorite things so it makes Mom and Dad happy that they are figuring it out.