Sunday, January 30, 2005

Josie curls up

I played with the visual effects on this one a little ... I think it turned out really neat. It helps to have a pretty model. Posted by Hello

Another nap with mom

Huggy Bear and Josie curled up with mom while she napped in front of the tv. By rule, if the kittens are sleeping with you, you must also nap. Posted by Hello

Chicken treat

Mom was making some white bean chili today and she let us all snack on a little of the extra chicken. Huggy Bear got sprayed with the water bottle because he wouldn't stay off the counter, but I sat on the microwave (away from the chicken) and showed great self control while mom cut up the chicken. Sure, I was tempted to get in the mix, but I've never had to scavenge like the kittens, so I have a little more patience. Josie doesn't show much interest in getting on the counter. Maybe it's a boy thing.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Another "River Otter"

This is another "river otter" picture ... you can see it a little better here. I think I slept in bed like this for the better part of the day. No worries. Posted by Hello

"River Otter"

This is what mom refers to as my "river otter" pose. I love to sleep on my back all stretched out. (Picture taken with a low flash...) Posted by Hello

Wrestling in the kitchen

I was relaxing in the kitchen, watching Josie and Huggy Bear wrestle when Huggy Bear saw me and decided to get me instead. I'm hurdling over him here. Posted by Hello

Slumber Party

Huggy Bear and Josie joined me with mom and dad in bed the other day. We had a big slumber party. Posted by Hello

Washing his mouth out with soap

Huggy Bear is washing his mouth out with soap. He must have said "Fudge!" (But not really fudge ... the queen mother of all cuss words ...) Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Playing ball with the kittens

Dad and I played ball with the kittens tonight when he got home from work. I was sitting in one of the dining room chairs and dad would lob one of the fuzzy balls toward me and I would bat it back. (At one point, three out of four went straight to dad and he caught it ... we were on a roll!) Then the kittens got in the mix. I would bat the balls different places and Josie and Huggy Bear would chase them around. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pavlov's cat?

OK... mom and dad have either trained Josie, or Josie has trained them. either way, whenever they open the fridge, Josie comes trotting in for an ice cube. She likes their random nature as she bats them across the kitchen floor. (She's played with five today already.) It's good clean fun, just watch for the puddles when you're wearing socks ... yuck!

Fired up kitten

Josie is a little fired up right now. Maybe it's because Huggy Bear and I were napping with mom, but she knew she was welcome. But now she's attacking Huggy Bear. To be honest, he's letting her. He will walk in front of her real slow and she will dive at him broadside and take him down. Quite a bit of fun to watch!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snow cat

With the wintry weather hitting the country, I thought I'd post a picture of my only snow experience. We used to live in Iowa, and in March of 2003, we had a bit of a snowfall. So mom and dad put my harness and leash on me and took me out to play in the snow. It did not last too long (none of my trips outside do), but I did enjoy attacking the snow. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

Mom's straw

Last night, when mom and dad went to the store, they picked up a Coke at Target (a little treat, since they usually don't drink soft drinks) and when they came home, mom set the cup on the counter to unload groceries. Huggy Bear, in his newfound exploration of all things counter, decided to chew on the straw. Mom saw what he had done and laughed, but then a few minutes later, she absentmindedly drank from the chewed on straw. "Huggy Bear!" she said, and laughed as she trimmed the chewed straw bit off.


Huggy Bear made a big mess today. In his new found adventures of walking on the kitchen bar, he discovered mom's fountain. I guess he got so excited when he was playing with the water, he knocked the fountain off the counter and all the rocks and water went splat on the floor. It scared mom half to death. And what a mess!!

Silly little kitten!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lost my haven

Huggy Bear and Josie have both figured out how to get up onto the counter and the microwave, so I have lost my safe haven. Mom and dad try to keep them off, and for the most part, Josie doesn't show much interest. But Huggy Bear is like a typical little brother, he wants to be and do whatever big brother is doing.

Grocery day

It is always exciting when mom and dad return from the grocery store. When they make their big trip, that is the best. There are always plenty of plastic bags to chew on (potato and apple bags are my favorite) and if I'm quick, and mom and dad aren't watching closely, I can jump on the refrigerator door while mom is unloading bags into the fridge and I can chew on Joe Bender Cat. (He is my nemesis ... something about that darned magnet!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tags for the kittens

The kittens' tags came today. Mom and dad ordered them from Boomerang Tags and they are surprisingly better than expected for a great price. At first, the tags drove them nuts, like a bug was on them. The rabies tag for Huggy Bear drove him even crazier. But they've already gotten used to them and are all settled down.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Playing ball

I got to play ball with dad last night. The kittens were sleeping, so I got to jump around and bat the ball away like a pro goaltender. But once dad accidentally rustled a bag, Josie was up and she attacks me as I try to play and that's less fun...


Josie and Huggy Bear were sleeping like a yen-yang symbol today, curling around each other head to tail and contrasting black and white, but when mom tried to get the camera they hopped up to follow her.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Upside-down cat

Josie was sleeping on the chair yesterday with her head covered by her paws. Right before the picture, she rolled into this cute upside-down pose. Posted by Hello

Paper bag tunnel

Dad made a paper bag tunnel for the kittens. They play in it some. Usually, when one is in the tunnel, the other pounces on the tunnel. I took a little nap in the tunnel today. I love paper bags. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 14, 2005

Coming at you

Huggy Bear was laying among the books he knocked onto the floor. I guess he can't decide which to read. (The stack in the back right was pulled down by dad so I could jump into the bookshelf. He knew I'd clear them out on my own if he didn't move them.) when Huggy Bear saw the camera, he decided to investigate. (I tried to lighten the picture some so you could see his pretty face.) Posted by Hello

Swept under the rug

No floor rug is flat in this house. Huggy Bear is a master hunter when it comes to mom's hair bands. Posted by Hello

Bag brawl

Josie is fighting this bag. What you can't quite see it that she put her entire body through the other handle and was rolling around with the bag. At this point, she has decided to chew the other handle. Posted by Hello

Pregnant again?

Momma cat is pregnant again. Look at the fullness of her belly. Mom and dad have already said they're not going to let themselves get attached to this litter. It is so irresponsible to not get her fixed if they plan on letting her out with all the feral cats in the area. Posted by Hello


I threw down the challenge to dad ... he better spend more time on this thing than I do. Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

Poor Little Huggy Bear

Today Huggy Bear had to get neutered. He was so sad in the car, I thought he was in a lot of pain. But after I got him home, he was just fine. He's eating, drinking, and jumping into the window sills...I think he's fine.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cat grass

Josie somehow managed to topple the cat grass over last night, dumping all the contents upside-down on the floor. It was about dead anyway, but what a mess!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tug of war

The kittens were having a little tug of war with a plastic bag tonight. The guest bathroom has two doors, and one was open, the other closed. A plastic grocery bag had gotten partway under the closed door, so Huggy Bear was on one side and Josie on the other. Whenever one would stop pulling, the other would pull it and the one who stopped would run back and get it again. Eventually they got distracted, but I'm sure they'll come back to finish the game.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Josie chasing the cursor

Josie has really started to go after the pointer on the computer screen. She will purr like crazy and swat at it. Sometimes this will hinder mom's games she likes to play, but she's ok with it because Josie is really cute. Uncle Doug and Aunt Cathy (and the kids) sent us some fun Christmas gifts. They sent a fuzzy feather that the kittens have really enjoyed hunting. But their favorite is "red bug" (a lazer pointer) that they will chase into exhaustion.

Sleeping on my back

You know, you just can't beat a good nap on the green chair. Posted by Hello

Huggy Bear's nap

Huggy Bear resting against a sheet. He found a nice ray of sunshine. Posted by Hello

Another nap

The kittens took a nap together. They were resting up for New Year's Eve. Posted by Hello

Josie eats kiwi

Josie tasted mom's kiwi. She seemed to like it because she kept coming back to it and licking it. Posted by Hello

Josie on the pillow

Josie napped on the green throw pillow on the couch while mom and dad watched the Terminal. Posted by Hello

Huggy Bear behind the books

Huggy Bear enjoys one of my favorite spots behind the books. I usually sleep behind books on the other bookshelf and he takes this side. Posted by Hello