Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Happy belated birthday to us!

Our third birthday was back on April 30 but life got hectic and we neglected to post our birthday pictures. Dad fixed us a 3 "cake" of stinky goodness. Aslan was quick to taste it. I let him have the first taste, then Dad gave me some in my own bowl (and some Shrimpy Shrimp treats). 

We can't believe we're three years old already! We both still have our kitten moments, especially when we chase our ping pong balls. But we're getting to be real mancats now. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Next Level Napping


Aslan has taken his napping to the next level. Here he is, napping on the cat tree while using the warm windowsill as a pillow. He was up all night telling Dad he needed Shrimpy Shrimp treats, so Aslan has earned his late-morning nap.

(Also, check out his amazing toe floof!)