Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sick dog...

Aunt Tiff's mom adopted a cute dog from a local shelter a few months back. He is a very sweet dog named Droopy. Unfortunately they just found out that he has heartworms. He's on medications for it now, and has to be for the next month, at least. It is a little scary, but it can be fatal. So they have to keep a close watch on him. So please purr a little bit for him. As dogs go, he's pretty cool.


Mom and Dad continue to walk and walk and walk in preparation for their big 3-day, 50-mile walk. They are still collecting donations to help reach their goal of $1500 so they can qualify to walk. If you have an extra dollar or two (or 20, or ...) please consider helping them out. You can donate to Dad here, or to Mom here. Thanks for you support!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Challenge Walk MS

In March, Mom and Dad are participating in a three day, 50 mile walk to raise money for MS research. This is a cause that is very near and dear to Mom and Dad because a very good friend of theirs was diagnosed with MS about eight years ago. Mom has been working very hard to get in shape so that she could do an event like this. Today she was able to give away 231 articles of clothing that no longer fit!

The last few years Mom and Dad have walked in a 5K with their friend in Marietta, Georgia. But this time they're going BIG, with 50 miles in Charleston. They have started preparing for the big event by walking when they get a chance, and they have spiffy new shoes, too.

The biggest hurdle for Mom and Dad right now is the fundraising. They each have to raise $1500 to do the walk! Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated. You can DONATE HERE to Dad. (Yeah, the MS Society people think his name is Richard even though he goes by Dean, so don't let it throw you.) Or you can DONATE HERE to Mom.

Dad is trying to figure out some kind of raffle to make the fundraising more exciting. But don't worry, if you donate before he gets the raffle figured out he'll find a way to include you.

Thanks so much for chipping in. Every bit helps. And if you can't donate, then keep them in your thoughts March 1-3. They'll appreciate that too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Calling in work for a Josie Day

Josie really didn't want Dad to go to work today. She rolled on her back and let him rub her tummy when he was putting his shoes on. And when he started to leave she grabbed his hand with we paws and claws and gently used her teeth to try to get him to stay. Mom said maybe Dad needed to call in and have a Josie day, but there's this whole house payment thing...

Josie and Dean
This is what Josie and Dad would like to do all day ... a little nap, a little Wii Lego Batman 2, and just hanging out. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay home!

Just for the record, I wish that Mom and Dad could stay home all the time. We want them to snuggle against. We love our couches and blankets and sunny spots on the beds, but we prefer Mom and Dad. I wish they didn't have to work. On the plus side, it is supposed to be up in the mid-70s this weekend, so hopefully we'll have open windows.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Take that, iPhone charger!

Last night I had an embarrassing mishap with the litter box. I blame Dad, because we're out of our good food, and we're using some standby food until he can get to the store (New Year's messed up his shopping, he claims). So our diet has been off, and as a result ... well, anyhow, I got some poop on my furs last night. Now this happens every now and then because I'm a pretty floofy cat, and I am very good about going straight to Mom and Dad and letting them know, then going straight to their bathroom so I can get cleaned up. But last night's was the worst ever. I might as well have taken a bath by the time Dad was done cleaning me with a wash cloth, and there aren't enough treats to make up for the indignity. It's embarrassing enough without getting soaking wet and chased around the bathroom with a wash cloth. So once I was set free of the bathroom, I went over to Mom's iPhone charger and bit the cord. It still works, but I just wanted to make a point -- I was not happy, not happy at all. But once I expressed myself we were all even, and OK. I even purred on Mom's head last night. And Dad said he's getting us our good food today, because he wasn't happy having to clean me either.