Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Putting on the pink for Skeezix

Today the Cat Blogosphere is going pink in honor of Skeezix. I would change my template to pink, but I'm not confident I would ever get it back right again. So my text is pink instead. Skeezix, you are missed...

And in keeping with the pink theme we're also posting pictures of Huggy Bear's favorite pink friend -- pink mouse:

Huggy Bear and HIS birthday present
Huggy Bear loved pink mouse the most. He didn't care if people say pink is for girls -- this was HIS mouse. 

Josie napping with pink mouse
Sometimes he would share pink mouse with Josie (but you can see Huggy Bear snoopervising way in the background).

HB with pink mouse, his old friend
You can see how he loved all the feathers off pink mouse's tail.

Goodbye pink mouse
Eventually pink mouse was loved a little too much... We need a new pink mouse, but Target doesn't carry it anymore and we can't find it. This makes us sad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sad day for the Cat Blogosphere

Skeezix went to the Bridge yesterday. His passing has brought all kinds of sadness to the Cat Blogosphere. He truly was an icon among the blogging cats with such a huge personality and presence. He leaves a large void that will be hard to fill. It's a tough reality check when our blogging buddies pass. We are purring extra hard for his family, and for all our blogging friends out there for health and happiness in whatever you are dealing with.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy birthday Maggie!

Happy birthday to my little sister Maggie! She turns eight today (the same day Mom turns 40). We'll be having some stinky goodness cake tonight. Mom and Dad took the day off for her birthday (or maybe for Mom's) and are giving us extra snuggle time. I'm happy to have my sister. She started life a little rocky and touch and go, but she's a force to reckon with now and always good for a wrassling match or a chase.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Negligent blogger

I have been a bad blogger. I had no idea that almost two weeks had gone by since my last post. Mom and Dad traveled to Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend which threw off my routine a little bit. I try to blog at least once a week. I've been even worse about visiting, and I apologize for that. You are all so nice about still coming and commenting and I owe visits and comments as well.

This past weekend was an adventure. Mom and Dad were babysitting their friends' two 15-month-old twins so their friends could go to Savannah for their anniversary. There's a boy and a girl (Elliott and Eliza), and they are very sweet. Or so I'm told. I stay upstairs away from them. So does Maggie. Sometimes Huggy Bear will venture through the room they are in, looking for treats and fallen food. He managed some chicken lunch meat, so I guess it was worth the risk. And then there's Josie, who for some odd reason decided to hang out with these two. She would sit in the room, even getting near them. At one point, she even let Elliott "pet" her. (He needs to work on his petting technique.) She was very brave, and I'm mixed between being proud of her and being concerned about her judgement.

Josie on the DJ scratcher
Here's Josie hanging out on the DJ cat scratcher. This turned out to be the babies' favorite toy. We ignore it more than we play with it, so at least someone is enjoying it. But Josie decided to sit on it for a little bit, just to make sure they knew who it belonged to.