Monday, August 16, 2021

Feeling puny

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. I'm still on my steroid regime and get B12 shots twice a month (Mom and Dad are going to start doing those so I don't have to ride to the vet) but this past week I've been feeling puny. The vet suggested decreasing my steroid dose last visit to every other day and I think it got me goofed up. So Mom and Dad tried a half dose every day and that didn't cut it either. So I'm back up to my regular daily dose but it's got me out of sorts. My tummy isn't right either. I hadn't been eating much until this morning I ate some wet food. Mom and Dad were encouraged by this so Mom refreshed the crunchy food so it was all fresh and good smelling and then fixed a small portion in a bowl for me and slid it under the bed (because that's where I've been hanging out—not the picture above, which is me on a blanket DKM made me but a better picture than me under the bed). So I did eat a few morsels of my new fresh food. Then of course brother Aslan had to come and eat some of my food—not the fresh big bowl of food but the stuff under the bed. That's what brothers will do, I guess. 

So I'd you could send a few healing purrs my way that would be great. Mom and Dad are very anxious right now. I have been getting up in bed with them at night, which they take as a good sign, but Mom's not too happy about me hiding under the bed most of the day.  Thanks friends! 

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Aslan on the stairs

Aslan is such a floofy handsome boy. He is my constant shadow, except during Kitty Cat Nap Time when Loki and I nap and he hangs out with Mom (because he chooses not to nap).