Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the hunt again/food protest

A while back we were very fortunate and won some Science Diet Hairball Formula cat food from The Creek Cats. We really liked it, and there were noticeably fewer hairballs, which Mom and Dad liked. So Dad went to the pet store to get some. Admittedly, he had a little sticker shock when he realized we were given probably $80 worth of cat food to try. But he said he loves us, and bought us a big $33 bag of cat food. But Dad thought he'd tricky and get us the Light version (apparently two or three of us could stand to lose a pound). Well, Dad -- we don't like the Light version. Seriously, he's not rushing out to get the light version of his food, and I've seen the direction of his graph on the Wii Fit... I'm just saying.

So today Mom was home not feeling 100 percent. She let us go play in the garage while she was resting. Next thing she knows there's Huggy Bear tearing through the bedroom and going into the bathroom. Right behind him is Josie and Maggie. She's seen this before, and didn't like where it was heading. When Mom looked in the bathroom, sure enough, HB had brought in another skink. He had deposited it right at our food bowl, I suspect as a sign of protest to the light food. I imagine the symbolism: see Dad, even this dead lizard won't eat this food -- no matter how good for us you say it is; or maybe, how about some lizard for dinner?

I don't know what HB is fussing about, Dad's given him ham the past two mornings while making his lunch. But me, I'm getting hungry.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not so vishus deer

Deer on Fripp Island
Here is a herd of deer that Mom and Dad saw at the beach. I didn't even know that deer liked to go to the beach. Mom and Dad said they were very nice deer, and came and asked for treats. I'd still stay away if it were up to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from vacation

Mom and Dad went on vacation and I didn't even get a chance to invite cats over for a house trashing party (well, let's be honest -- Mom and Dad left in a whirlwind so the house was pretty trashed to begin with). But they are back now. They went to a place called Fripp Island near Hilton Head. It is a populated island, but also a nature preserve so they had deer everywhere, but not the vicious kind. Aunt Tiff actually fed one deer by hand. The deer was named Number 12, which I think is a silly name, but Aunt Tiff was pretty excited either way. Mom and Dad also saw alligators like Daisy is always talking about, and they got to see a baby sea turtle finish its final 20 feet from the nest to the ocean (which doesn't seem like a lot, unless you are a baby sea turtle with baby legs). But they didn't bring us anything back -- no turtles, no non-vicious deer, not even the baby alligator they saw (OK, they can keep the gator). Mom did try to get us some shrimp, but the seafood market she went in stunk like bad seafood and she left quickly and bought some Wendy's instead. But we don't need souvenirs because we got to snuggle all over Mom last night while Dad was at the theatre making sure Cinderella's mic was on at the right times. (I understand there are four white mice at the theatre, so I made need to go investigate.) But I think the best part of getting Mom and Dad back from the beach is smelling all their beach-smelling stuff.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The theatre has stolen Mom and Dad

Mom runs a local community theatre, and is producing Cinderella that opens on Friday. This is very exciting for Mom and Dad (Dad's running their mics), but it's not too exciting for us. Mom and Dad are getting home too late, and too tired, to give us proper attention. I can't wait until Saturday so we can snuggle with them and make them stay in bed.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My favorite box

I know it's not Box Day anymore, but I had to show off my favorite box. This box ended up on the cedar chest in Mom and Dad's room and I just won't let them get rid of it. I scoot it around so it's right under the window.

Jasper sleeping on his box
Here I actually have my head under the window sill -- it was more comfortable than it might look. You know how we are, we'll sleep however and wherever.

Sometimes Maggie will bite me and steal some box time, but she knows it's just borrowed time. This is clearly my box. It's even broken down into my shape.