Friday, December 10, 2021

Easing back into the blog

After Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge we decided to take a break and regroup. She was so important to us little kittens. We weren't sure how to continue the blog without her voice. When Jasper started the blog he was our age, and he had kitten versions of Huggy Bear, Josie and Maggie to post about. The blog passed in succession to the next senior cat: Josie, HB, and then Maggie. But Aslan and I (Loki) are the same age and joined the family together. So we're going to take turns blogging depending on what's going on. 

We are both very loving cats but I'm more of a therapy cat, especially for Mom when she is stressed or upset. I'll climb on her and just love on her. I'm not sure how I know — I just do. 

Aslan is the cat who is always in the room with you. We're both cautious cats, but he's really cautious. But he also always wants to be present when Mom or Dad are doing something. He may be just out of reach to pet, but he's there. 

We'll try real hard to keep updates. I need to find a good "Loki in the Christmas tree" picture because that's been my game lately. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!