Thursday, March 19, 2015

Challenge Walk MS

I've been away from posting because Mom and Dad have been busy walking -- first training for a 3-Day, 50-Mile walk, then doing the walk. This is their third year walking in the Challenge Walk MS 3-Day 50-Mile walk. The first two years the event was in Charleston, SC. This year they walked around Savannah, Ga. It was their first time in Savannah so they were very excited to explore a new town.

Jeni carrying the flag
Mom and Dad walk for their friend Nikki, who was diagnosed with MS about nine years ago. (Well, they started walking for her, now they walk for Nikki and so many others.) Mom got to carry the Challenge Walk flag for a mile of the walk, which really meant a lot.

Tybee sunrise
They had to get up bright and early every morning, beating the sunrise each day. Here's the sunrise at Tybee Island the final day. It was a beautiful place to stay and visit.

Cat friend
Dad met a bunch of cats along the walk. This one was really friendly and Dad got to love on him for a minute while Mom had a blister looked at.

Cat friend
Dad tried to get a good picture, but this was about as good as he could get. This guy was loving the attention, and walking in circles all around Dad asking for some love. He was a mix between my orange and Maggie's tabbiness.

Slow kitties at play
Charleston was more of a dog town, and while there were plenty of dogs along the walk, Savannah felt a lot more like a cat town to Mom and Dad.

Tybee Lighthouse
There were so many wonderful sights along the walk. This is the historic lighthouse on Tybee.

This is Mom at the final mile of Day One of the walk (21.5 miles the first day). It was a beautiful walk through a canopy of trees. Mom and Dad were told this was in a scene in Forrest Gump. It is the Wormsloe State Park.

There were some zombies at one of the rest stops, too.

Finger foot
The zombies provided "finger food" and brains.

Mom and Dad also saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

Be careful, because you might get attacked by sharks on Tybee Island!

Shark attack!
Dad got attacked twice!

Chickin Lickin
On their way home Mom and Dad found a restaurant for us to visit (if we're ever willing to go for a long car ride).

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maggie's collar

Maggie's collar went missing about a month or so ago. Mom and Dad were convinced that it was in the garage and would turn up on a nice Spring day when they pulled everything out and reset the garage. But tonight Mom found it, right there in the closet where they should have seen it, except it was in my other favorite box so it was covered in Jasper fur, and also usually covered by Jasper. But we've all got our collars back on, except me because I am a master at taking mine off. Maggie's is the most important so we're warned if she's about to pounce, which she does often.