Friday, January 21, 2022

The snuggle is real

Aslan and I are both good snugglers. We approach things a little differently. I am an aggressive snuggler. I will climb on top of you and get up under your chin. Aslan like to lay against your body and let you pet his chest and his belly.

Snuggling Cats

Aslan loves to have his belly rubbed.

Snuggling Cats 

He will knead dough in the air when getting his pets.


Snuggling Cats

I want to be on you. I like to lay across your lap or on your chest. The more upset you are or the worse your day is, the more I am going to climb on you. It's the empath in me.   


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The (Not So) Great Poop Incident of 2022

Snuggly Loki

It could happen to you. It could happen to anyone. But it happened to me. And as embarrassing as it is, I feel it is a story that must be told. 

Mom and Dad had a very late night last night. Mom runs a community theatre and they are in the final rehearsals of The Color Purple, which opens on Friday. So they didn't get home until close to 1 a.m. Mom has a super sniffer nose, and the second she walked in the house she knew something was amiss. 

She followed the smell and noted poop residue in the dining room on the rug and on the window sill. Then she saw a small spot on my favorite chair to sit on (the white one, of course). That made Mom check my bottom, and I had poop on my furs around my bottom. She was quick to scoop me up. Dad shed his jacket and sweatshirt, and rushed me upstairs for the horror of all horrors -- a washcloth bath!

Dad cleaned my bottom, and my furs, and the base of my tail, and my bottom some more, until he was satisfied that he had gotten as much as he could. Then he dried me off as much as I would let him. I was unhappy, and very un-Loki-like. I even tried to bite him when Dad was trying to soothe me. He understood. 

After I got out, I got one lonely treat. We love treats, and Mom and Dad suspect that with the bad weather and stress of them being gone, maybe I've had too many treats.

In the upstairs hall, Mom realized something was wrong there, too. The hallway stratcher was moved. Aslan and I are both very good about covering our messes -- a hairball, some puke -- we'll put something over it. And sure enough, there was a wayward poop in the hall carefully covered by the scratcher. They suspect that I either had some urgency and didn't make it to the box, or I had an incident and this cling-on was the primary problem. 

So the scratcher got trashed, the upstairs hall, my favorite chair, the dining room rug and window sill, and a pair of brand new jeans that were on the guest bed waiting until they fit a little better all got spot cleaned or washed thoroughly -- at 1 a.m., because that's how Tech Week goes in the theatre. 

Then Dad sprayed some waterless shampoo on my butt, because I hadn't had enough trauma that night. But he wanted to make sure I didn't smell like poop, even though I was clean. 

After all the cleaning, Dad sat down to eat dinner (yes, dinner at 1:30 a.m.) while he made some corrections on the show t-shirt. And for some reason he refused to share his food with us. Something about upsetting our tummies. 

 I did forgive Mom and Dad for the bath, and snuggled with Mom in bed last night and this morning. 

(On a side note, I mentioned Mom's new jeans. She's been kicking butt doing a fitness program called E2M for the last year, and she has shrunk to about the size she was early in college. We are super proud of her. And she's still out there kicking butt and getting healthier every day.)

(Also, the picture is not of the incident, because who wants to see any of that, but this is me being cute from the other day when I wasn't covered in poop.)

Monday, January 17, 2022

Four years gone

It has been four years since Jasper (our older brother who we never met) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was the original blogger over here -- the cat who started it all. He was a wonderful big orange boy, from what we've been told.


Jasper loved to share Mom's pillow and rest his head against hers, or place his paw on her cheek just so she knew who she belonged to.

Mom and Dad say that Aslan resembles Jasper in several ways. I have a little more Huggy Bear in me, apparently. We hope to live up to the standard set by the cats who came before us. They set that bar pretty high.

Mom and Dad miss him so much...

Monday, January 10, 2022

Napping boys

When you find your good napping spot you must nap! Aslan loves to nap with the sun on his belly. I enjoy curling up in a bed or inside my clock tower scratcher. I hope you have a good nap today too. 

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Sharing a plate

Cupcake crumbs are amazing! Mom and Dad won't share the entire cupcake no matter how persistent we are, but they do share the crumbs. And don't you worry, we cleaned the entire plate!