Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Chubby Bunny

Our Aunt Tiff bought this chubby bunny for mom and dad for Easter, but Josie seems to think it's her new best friend. Josie gives him bathes, cuddles with him at kittycat naptime, and carries him around in her mouth. I guess Aunt Tiff meant to give him to Josie. Silly kitty!!
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We are so happy...mom and dad are back with us. They had to go to Ohio for the weekend to dad's sister's graduation. But mom and dad left us in good hands. Our upstairs neighbor, Nick, took really good care of us while mom and dad were gone. He gave us treats, played laser pointer, put ice cubes in the bathtub for us to play with, and gave me special brushes (my favorite). Thanks Nick!!!

But we are sure glad mom and dad are back!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Momma cat, what are we to do?

Mom and dad are so distraught! Momma cat's belly is so big ... a blind man could tell she is pregnant. No one even has a chance to help her if she stays pregnant all the time! and those darned irresponsible neighbors just turn a blind eye and shake their head with a "what're you gonna do" sign.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Aunt Tiff Rules!

Our Aunt Tiffany is here visiting this weekend, and guess what, she brought us more presents!!! We love to get new toys. We played with them all night. Mom says we are high on the 'nip. I will have to post pictures later because dad had to take the camera to work today.

Thanks Aunt Tiff...you rule! (sorry we make you sneeze!)

Friday, May 20, 2005

That's why they called him "Bullet"

When Huggy Bear was first brought into the house, and mom and dad were helping find good homes for their brother and sister, they nicknamed him Bullet because he would dart out of the bathroom (their temporary home) the second you opened the door. Usually this would result in a slight chase with me (you see, I wasn't fully comfortable with having visitors and roommates yet) and dad scooping Huggy Bear back up.

Well, tonight, dad stepped out to the back porch to get some tools from the storage closet and Huggy Bear darted outside! What was he thinking?!? Well, dad reacted quickly and snagged Huggy Bear by the tail (just barely), then got his entire tail and Huggy turned around and scrambled back inside. It's not that Huggy hasn't been outside before, and he has his claws. And even though mom and dad are sure he'd come back. It's just that we are at an apartment complex and you just never know. And come on, there are no ice cubes out there to play with, or cat chow or a soft bed to curl up on when mom and dad lay down. I could go on and on. But he's a silly kitten, and sometimes they do silly things...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scary moment for mom

Mom was driving into the apartment complex and saw a kitten that looked just like Josie, even down to a similar collar. This kitten was outside, darting into the woods near the entrance. Mom stopped the car and looked around, but the kitten was gone. She hurried home and was very relieved to find Josie waiting near the kitchen. Although it didn't make sense that Josie could have gotten out, it was still a scary moment to think that she wouldn't be here when mom came home. But mom was also being silly, because she takes such good care of her, we'd be nuts to go anywhere else!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My new rug

Mom keeps calling this rug hers, but it really is mine. I put my hair all over it in one day. She hasn't rolled around on like me. So it's mine, mine, mine. Thanks mom and dad for the cozy place to sleep. Posted by Hello

Trash can kitty

Well Josie did a little trash can diving today. She loves to chew on straws and mom had put one in the trash can. Josie managed to knock over the trash can, get the straw, and have her way with it. Mom says Josie isn't being a big helper with cleaning for Aunt Tiff's visit this coming weekend. Posted by Hello

Mom's new rug

The funniest thing happen this weekend. Mom and Dad were gone overnight, so I was in charge of taking care of Huggy and Josie. But when they came home, they had this huge tube with them. It turned out to be this rug. Huggy, Josie, and I were all over it. Mom and Dad could hardly get it rolled out before we furred it up. Mom has already gotten out the sucky loud thing with a light on it and ran it all over the rug. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Well adjusted cat

I have been a little wheezy lately (mom said I sould like a stalker calling on the phone) so dad decided it was time for an adjustment. Mom and dad are chiropractors, so when I'm not doing well, their first approach is to make sure my spine is moving right to get the pressure off my nerves so I can heal and function right. It works really well, too! When they first adopted me, a friend bought them The Well Adjusted Cat by Daniel Kamen. A lot of the tips were simple things they already knew but just had to apply to our unique cat anatomy. Some things in the book I just won't cooperate with, and that's OK too. But if you're not lucky enough to have a chiropractor for a mom and dad, many vets will do adjustments, too. There was one in Iowa who adjusted all the animals who came through. One friend would take her older cats there to help them be able to move easier. It's amazing how much better it makes me feel!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Watch dogs...ummmm, I mean watch cats

Here we are standing guard at mom and dad's bedroom window. We patrol the windows and sliding glass door for renegade bugs, moths, spiders, and other kittens. We must keep mom and dad safe. Posted by Hello

Got Troubles?

That crazy Huggy Bear. He loves to "get" Troubles the stuffed dog. He thinks it's a real dog. He loves to bite his ears and carry him around the house in his mouth. Posted by Hello

You can't pay me enough catnip....

For some silly reason mom had our car carrier out in the house and I decided that looked like a great place to sleep. Now if she wanted me in there, I would be yelling at the top of my lungs, but since it's just a fun place to nappy, I'm happy as a clam. Posted by Hello

Nose to Nose

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Josie the Pussycat

Mom thinks Josie is so funny because she's not really scared of the water. She loves to swat at it with her paw, and then lick it off. She also tries to bite it. Now that's funny to watch because she gets her head really wet and she has to shake the water off. Silly baby girl!

Mom weighed Josie today and she weighs 7 lbs. She is getting to be such a big girl. When mom and dad brought her in the house, she didn't even weigh 3 lbs. Huggy won't stand still long enough for mom to weigh him. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Get down with your bad self

This made my mom laugh until she was crying!! Thanks Timmy!

Monday, May 09, 2005

The light of their lives

Mom and dad told us today that when they have "days like today," we are what keep them going. That really makes us feel good.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

We don't have a picture of all of us with our mom. Dad looked, but it's probably because it's hard to wrangle three cats into a good picture. Our mom takes such good care of us and makes sure we have fresh food and loving attention all day long. That's what mom's do best, and our mom is the best at it! Earlier today, mom and dad found a picture of mom as a child with her first cat, Fluffy. Maybe we'll scan it some time. But when mom was little, they would take Fluffy to Olan Mills with them and get his portrait taken with mom. I couldn't imagine all three of us carting along to the picture studio, much less sitting still for a picture when there are all those wires to chew on. Besides, I'm not a big fan of the car.

But I'm getting sidetracked... Mom, thanks for all you do for us all day long. We love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Momma Cat. Thanks for being such a good mom to Josie and Huggy Bear (and Curly and Frisky and the three new kittens ... ) Posted by Hello

Huggy's new sleeping/hiding place

This used to one of my favorite places to sleep. I'm not sure why other than I could chew on wires without anyone knowing. Now Huggy has taken over this spot. He gets back behind and that table and no one knows he's there. Sometimes mom and dad panic because they can't find him, then he'll come wandering our and wondering what's all the fuss about. Posted by Hello

Josie Goes to Grocery Bag

Josie loves to play paper shopping bag. I remember being a tiny kitten and playing paper bag. What am I talking about I still love paper bag! Dad even made me a paper bag tunnel system. I'll have him tell you how to make it because I have no idea. All I know is it was FUN! Posted by Hello

Got catgrass?

Dear mom,

Could you please go to Target and buy us some more catgrass? If you don't we will start leaving you special kitty presents for Mother's Day.

Jas, Jos, & Hug Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Silly Bear

Huggy Bear was being so silly last night. He was in mom's closet and he jumped up on the green storage tote which is under one of mom's closet shelves. Mom and Dad could hear a noise that sounded like "ting, ting, ting," but couldn't figure out what it was. Dad finally discovered Bear on the tote hitting the empty clothes hangers. But he was hard to find in the dark closet and behind the clothes. He's a good hider!Posted by Hello

Tuckered out

When I was a kitten, Mom wanted me to sleep in bed with her and Dad so bad, but I wanted to play all night and sleep in Dad's bedside trashcan. When the kittens came into our lives, they LOVED sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad. So I decided I should give it a whirl. To my surprise I liked it. I don't sleep in there every night, but some night when I want some extra love, I'll curl up on Dad's pillow or at Mom's feet or behind her knees.

On Tuesday I was so tuckered out from playing all day, I curled up with Mom and Dad while they watched TV. Mom's feet were getting cold so she covered them up, and she so nicely tucked me in for sleepytime. Dad was afraid was going to get too hot under the covers, but I loved it. Josie sleeps under the covers every night with Mom and Dad. Huggy likes to play under the covers, but he doesn't do much sleeping under them. Posted by Hello

Blogger Josie

Josie was trying to post some entries on my blog last night, but she got too tired to finish, so she took a nap in the computer chair so no one could blog. You have to remember she's still a little kitten.

Mom thinks she looks really cute all stretched out on the chair. For a tiny kitten, she really can spread herself out. I'm teaching her how to do that. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Outside visitors

Josie and Huggy Bear's half-brothers and sisters visited the back porch the other day. Momma cat curled up and rested while they talked to each other and sniffed around. I watched from the chair just outside of the picture. Posted by Hello

The view from the top

Dad helped me up to the top of the door. Sometimes I like to get up high and prowl a little. The smaller door frame was a little too narrow for me, but Dad was nice enough to hold the door steady while I walked on it. Posted by Hello

Sharing my space

I was feeling nice this day, so I let Josie share the futon with me. She's using some of my blanket as a pillow. Posted by Hello

Big box

Mom and Dad went to Sam's Club for groceries for an office cookout and brought back this great box. When nothing is in it, I am able to spread out and fill the entire box. Ironically, when it is half full, I am still able to comfortably fit in a corner of it. Posted by Hello