Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

We don't have a picture of all of us with our mom. Dad looked, but it's probably because it's hard to wrangle three cats into a good picture. Our mom takes such good care of us and makes sure we have fresh food and loving attention all day long. That's what mom's do best, and our mom is the best at it! Earlier today, mom and dad found a picture of mom as a child with her first cat, Fluffy. Maybe we'll scan it some time. But when mom was little, they would take Fluffy to Olan Mills with them and get his portrait taken with mom. I couldn't imagine all three of us carting along to the picture studio, much less sitting still for a picture when there are all those wires to chew on. Besides, I'm not a big fan of the car.

But I'm getting sidetracked... Mom, thanks for all you do for us all day long. We love you!

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