Monday, August 15, 2016

Big helpers

Mom is going through old pictures while watching the Olympics, looking for good ones for her 25 year high school reunion. You can see that we are being extra big helpers tonight. As soon as little box was emptied I was in it. Maggie is making sure the lid doesn't come off the other box. Huggy Bear is watching gymnastics. Meanwhile, Josie is downstairs wishing Mom and Dad would come watch tv in the living room like civilized people.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Cute as a button

Mom and Dad got new couches earlier in the year. They worked with the old look of the living room ok, but then Mom found a new rug that looks really good with the new couches. Well that started a cycle that included painting the walls and a new chair. This chair is from World Market and is called "Cute as a Button" but the girls think it describes them in the chair, and not the chair itself. Now I will say Josie is a cute girl. (She was even cuter just seconds before this picture, but it started raining really hard and got her attention.) The other bonus of the new chair is that the old chair is currently up in the bedroom and I've been sleeping in it. I may (gasp!) like it better than my box for naps.