Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back to her fighting weight

Well Maggie had us scared for a little while. We're still being cautious, but she's doing so much better. She lost a lot of weight last month, getting down to 4.8 pounds. She was so skinny, and had us all so concerned. Mom got her to the vet, and fortunately her organs were OK, but her white blood cell count was high. The vet suspected an infection in her gut and she was put on an oral antibiotic (liquid) and prescription food. Dad weighed her tonight and she is holding at 7.4 pounds, which is where she should be. This makes us all so happy. We're sticking with the prescription food, but will probably mix it with another just to stretch it some. But we all like it (of course we like there's expensive stuff) and it is settling well on our systems.

Thanks again for all the well wishes while Maggie recovered. Y'all are the best!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Big week

We have had a big week at the McKitten-Cat house! Monday we had our first true dog encounter. One of our oldest cat blogging friends was in town (Ginger's mom Rita -- one of our very first visitors) and she visited with her friend Jennifer and her 12-week-old puppy Sally. Sally pretty much stayed in the kitchen, but that didn't stop Josie from walking through and testing her perimeter. I stayed upstairs in the bathroom sink. Maggie and Huggy Bear stayed in the next room. But Josie proved once again that she was the protector of the home. 

At one point Sally was coming back on from going out to tinkle (dogs don't get to use the bathroom in the house like we do) and Josie was at the door. Dad expected Josie to head back upstairs but Josie stood her ground. Sally wound around Rita's legs with the leash and Dad had to come remove Josie before she got too defensive. 

Once dinner (steak) came off the grill Josie and Maggie were at one entrance to the kitchen, HB was at the other, plotting their strategy to get past Sally and reach the steak. That's when we all got sequestered into the big bathroom for the rest of Sally's visit.


In other news, Maggie has had two vet visits. She is on an antibiotic and prescription food. Her blood work was good, except for her white blood cell count. They suspect she has an infection in her belly. She was such a perfect little baby at the vet's office, and everyone praised her (clearly she didn't bite them on the butt like she does me). The last two days she has been more energetic and acting more like herself, so we think she must be on the mend. But a little purr or two wouldn't hurt. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sick Maggie

Maggie at the vet

Maggie had to go see the vet today. She's been losing weight, having litter box issues, and throwing up her food. Luckily, all of her blood work (liver, kidneys, sugar, etc) came normal except for high white blood cell counts. So she has an infection somewhere, most likely GI. So she got an antibiotic shot, prescription GI food, and a probiotic. Fingers crossed this takes care of the problem. In 12 years, this is the first time she's gone to the vet for an illness.