Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Whatcha doing?

Mom was trying to have a snack and play a game on her iPad while talking to Dad on the phone. We really wanted to know what she was eating (boiled peanuts). Forget that we all just had treats — her food was surely better. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Loki's new favorite bed and Aslan's new job

Loki loves a good cozy bed. Mom and Dad were in Atlanta a few weekends ago and brought us this bed back. Loki took to it immediately and has loved sleeping in it.

Loki on his bed

He is so cute. I love how he is peeking over the floof of the bed. It makes Mom very happy to have a cat who actually sleeps in the beds they buy us. 

Also, Mom bought us a new Fish Taco Food Truck scratcher from Target. Aslan claimed it right away, and he's been sleeping all stretched out on the top of it the entire day.

Aslan’s Taco Truck

I think he's going to get put to work if he stays this cute in the Taco Truck.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Missing Huggy Bear

 I really can't believe it's been two years since Huggy Bear crossed the Bridge.

The snugglers 

Huggy Bear was my big brother, but he was also my best friend, and it was rare that you would see one of us without the other nearby. I guess I was his shadow the way Aslan wants to be my shadow (without all the hissing).

HB getting love from Mom

Huggy Bear was such a great cat, with an instant purr, and always so happy to see you whenever someone came into the room. And he was so funny because he loved to lay on the TV remotes. We all miss him so much, but we know he's at peace with Jasper and Josie. He would have had a lot of fun playing with Aslan and Loki. House Panthers are so special, indeed.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is Aslan and Loki’s second birthday! As is our tradition we had a Stinky Goodness cake in the shape of a 2. 

The boys let me sample the cake first. Aslan was a little skeptical because it wasn’t his normal wet food. 

Loki with the 2 cake. 

Loki was a good sport and wore the party hat. 

The cake!

Loki with Mom. We offered Mom and Dad some cake but they said “no thank you.” Aslan didn’t want to wear the hat. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Loki being cute


Loki being cute 

Loki loves when Mom is home. He's such a sweet boy, and a super big helper whenever she is doing something. This past year with Mom working from home has spoiled him a little. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

In memory of Jasper on his birthday

Jasper kitten to 15

Today would have been Jasper's 19th birthday. The photo on the left was Jasper as a kitten when he first came home to live with Mom and Dad. The picture on the right was Jasper at 15 years old. Jasper was a great big brother, and laid the groundwork for the rest of us McKitten-Cats. I wish Aslan and Loki had gotten a chance to meet him. He probably would have bopped them on the head with his big paws -- Jasper was funny that way. Well, maybe I'll bop them today for him. We miss you, big guy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Still a little off

My tummy is still a little off so I had another vet visit yesterday and they put me on some meds that worked well in the past. The antibiotics just weren't cutting it so we're trying something else. If that doesn't work we'll do more tests, so paws crossed this does the trick. 

So, funny story. Aslan likes to put his toys in the water bowl. Last night he rediscovered a red fuzzy ball that he was having a blast playing with. In the middle of the night he must have put it in his water bowl, then decided to give it to Mom (while she's asleep). She woke up thinking the roof was leaking and really confused about this wet ball in her hand. (Better than a bug — that happened once too.)