Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Josie's (almost) attic adventure

Remember a while back, when the heating guy was in our house and he went up in the attic?

Josie investigates the attic ladder
Josie decided she was curious about the pull-down stairs that go into the attic. But Dad was right there and only let her get a few paws on the ladder (and got this picture).

Well, the other day Dad was hanging the light fixture he bought for Mom (that HUGE box that arrived a few weeks ago). Since the lamp hangs from a long cord, and Dad wanted it closer to the ceiling, he was up in the attic seeing if he might need to pull some cord up into the attic (he couldn't, and didn't need to, anyway). But when he started to come down the ladder, guess who was more than halfway up? Josie! If not for some insulation on the backside of the ladder door, I'm pretty sure she would have been right up there with Dad. It's a good thing Mom was there to get Josie because I'm not sure that Dad would have been able to get down with her on the ladder (he's not always too coordinated, so we're just happy he didn't break his neck, or fall through the attic). Josie has always been the most daring of the four of us, and she just proved it again on Saturday.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I found Chey!

Hey, guess what -- I found Chey last Friday! I've been looking and looking and finally found Chey! Of course, because of the SOPA Black(cat)out, Huggy Bear got his picture featured. But that's OK, because I got the credit. Plus it was a great river otter picture of HB that Chey used, so I don't mind one bit. Can't wait until this Friday to search again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black (cat) out against SOPA

Since I'm not confident about blacking out the blog in protest of SOPA, I'm instead giving you a black-cat-out -- lots of pictures of Huggy Bear. I hope the overall protest across the internet helps raise awareness of this shortsighted bill that, under the guise of privacy protection, gives power and influence to large companies and has the potential to stifle the voice of the individual on the web. So here is our black-cat-out... just say no to SOPA (you can say no to SOAP too, because we're cats and don't need soapy baths).

Reclining Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear resting

Huggy Bear airing his belly

Huggy Bear on his hammock

Huggy Bear's tocks

Huggy Bear in bed

Huggy Bear profile
Huggy Bear says, "Don't mess with my freedom of internet speech!" I hope you enjoyed the black-cat-out! Go here for more on the strike.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I know a lot of websites are blacking out Wednesday in protest of SOPA. I support the blackout, but don't know how to black out my blog -- my luck, I wouldn't be able to undo the blackout, and that would make me sad. So in solidarity of the blackout, I will nap all day because with my eyes shut everything is blacked out.

(If you don't know what SOPA and PIPA are a big deal, I think Cory Doctorow sums it up pretty well...)

Monday, January 16, 2012


Mom and Dad went to an oyster boil a few weekends ago. It was an unseasonably warm weekend and a perfect day for it.

Steaming hot oysters
Look at these things. Aside from being steaming hot, I have no idea how a cat is even supposed to get one open to get to the goodness inside. I don't know who even thought to pry one of these things open and see if it tasted good. But Mom and Dad said they were good. They had shrimps too. And no, they didn't bring us any at all.

Mom and Dad are now doing lights and sound for the musical John & Jen at Mom's theatre. It is fun for them, but takes them away from us some. So we have to be persistent about getting attention from them when they are home. Maggie's new "look at me" technique is headbutting the monitor when Dad is on the computer and turning it away from Dad so he has to pay attention to her. It's not his favorite trick of her's (but he does think it is funny when she accidentally opens the CD drive). I'm still partial to laying on the mouse -- works every time!

Maine's state cat

Who knew? Since I'm part Maine Coon, that means I am part of the state cat of Maine. I guess that makes sense, but I never really thought about it. Thanks KibbleKat for that little tidbit of knowledge.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cold and windy night

I started to say it was a dark and windy night, but night is always dark. But it was cold and windy. Well, cold for us -- down in the upper 20s (which I know is the high right now for some of our friends). I like this colder weather because I get to snuggle up with Mom in the mornings after Dad leaves for work. We like to try to pin Mom in to bed so she can't get up and go to work. Some days work better than others. I'm pretty optimistic about today!

Updated with photo evidence of how I try to keep Mom in bed...
Jasper pillow

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cats in a weightless environment

Now who would do such a thing? I guarantee there was a hairball in someone's shoe after this "experiment."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodbye dear friend

Our collective hearts are broken for our dear friend DKM, Diva Kitty and Fiona for their loss of the man of the house -- Orlando. You will be missed, old friend.

Josie and the big box

Josie was very excited about the big box in the house.

Josie and the big box
It was a box inside a box. How cool is that?

Josie investigating the big box
The box was so big that the flap rested against one of the chairs in the parlor.

Josie sitting on the flap
Look at Josie sitting in the flap. She really wanted to stay up there, but Dad was pretty sure it would go at any moment. Unfortunately, the box is now sitting by the road waiting to be recycled. I really wish we could have found a space for this box, but it really is almost its own room.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giant box

We had a giant box delivered to the house the other day. Dad had ordered Mom a new light fixture for the upstairs hall from the Gilt website. It's a cool pendant lamp (30x12). (Here's a link to what it looks like, but don't look at the price because Dad did not pay that at all.) Dad is going to hang it where the light fixture is over the stairs right now. It will look really nice there, although that now means that Dad will have to change the other light fixtures to something more modern. (Can you say IKEA trip?) Personally, I think Mom is trying to kill Dad, since this project will combine a ladder, stairs and electricity.

The shade is big and fragile for shipping, so it came in a HUGE box, with a wooden frame inside the box, then another box inside the frame. We really wished the box could have stayed in the house. All four of us could have hung out in that box and not even touched each other (although I'm pretty sure Maggie would have pounced someone pretty quickly). Dad did get some pictures of Josie on the box that hopefully will get uploaded tonight. Mom and Dad have been back at the theatre at night helping with another show (it has nothing to do with cats, so I don't know why they keep going). If Dad survives, we'll also post pictures of the new light once it is up.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kitten covers

Not a real post, but a link I thought you'd all like: kittens on classic album covers! (Or as Dad says, remember when people looked at album covers?)