Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Max and Ruby

Look at Mom with kittens Max (black) and Ruby (tabby). These are the kittens of our little friends Gracie (9) and Clara Ann (6). Mom got to love on these cuties when they went to exchange gifts. I worry that Mom may have caught kitten fever.

Meowy Christmas!

Wishing all our friends and their families a very Merry (and meowy) Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lizard in the house

A dead belly up lizard neatly left by the shoes will get us banned from the garage. They may see this as us bringing the lizard in, but we see this as defending our house.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Secret Paws is here!

Hooray! Hooray! It's one of our favorite days! Our Secret Paws package arrived! We got a  very intriguing package from Crepes, Rocky, Niles, Mrs Peabody and Doodle from Cat in the Fridge.

Maggie opening the Secret Paws box
Maggie was the first to investigate the box.

Jasper, being the elder cat, knows you read the card first
Being the oldest cat I have to set a good example and read the card first.

The tin of balls is a hit!
We got a tin of really cool Christmas colored balls to play with. (You'll see these again...)

Oooh! Cat grass!
And look! Cat grass! We needed this!

Jasper picking a catnip mouse
Huggy Bear helped me pick out a catnip mouse to play with. He was so excited that he got blurry in the picture.

Huggy Bear checks out the catnip mice
But really, how could you help but not get excited with all these cool gifts!

Maggie inspecting the box
Maggie likes to check out the box and make sure Mom and Dad got everything out.

A tin full of balls for the cats
Josie showed up a tad bit late to the opening, but she still got to pick out a ball or two to play with.

Josie picks the peppermint ball
There were peppermint striped balls, and green ones, and they jingle when we bat them around.

Josie and the Christmas balls
Josie had trouble deciding.

Huggy Bear likes the butterfly toy
Huggy Bear had no trouble deciding -- it's the crinkle butterfly for him.

Jasper and the heart-shaped mouse
I was partial to the heart-shaped mouse from the tin of catnip mice. I kept knocking it under the dresser so Mom and Dad would have to get up and get it for me. It's a really fun game. I highly recommend it.

Maggie and the Catnip Stogie
And then there was the Catnip Stogie! This this is amazing! It is compressed catnip in the shape of a cigar. Maggie just couldn't contain herself. She licked it and put her stink on it so we all knew it was hers.

There were Temptation Mix-Ups too -- some of our favorites! (I know I got a picture but I don't see it right now...)

Thanks to all the cats at Cat in the Fridge for the great Secret Paws! We are having so much fun with all the awesome toys. We can't wait for the grass to grow so we can eat it.

[We made a mini version of this post on the Secret Paws site.]

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rest in peace Russell

Oh man! I just learned that our friend Russell (William's brother) went to the bridge right before Thanksgiving. We are truly heartbroken. There are few brothers with such a a great relationship as William and Russell and I know William must be missing his friend. Russell you will be dearly missed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New box!

One of Mom's Christmas presents arrived today: a new KitchenAid stand mixer. We've figured out this online ordering business and ordered her some surprises. And best of all, look at the awesome box! Huggy Bear is in the box (a little hard to see) and Mags is peeking around the edge. I really thought she was going to pounce him but she left him alone and let him enjoy it.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Big helper

Who needs ornaments when you have a Maggie cat?