Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Aslan’s tuffet

It's so funny — Aslan was so unsure of this tuffet when Dad brought it home from Mom's theatre. (It was a set piece in a show and they didn't want it getting goofed up in storage so it came home for safe keeping — and cats.) Aslan would approach it like it was an intruder, pat at it, then take off. Now this is his favorite spot to be when we are all downstairs. (He's my shadow so he's usually near me.) He's awfully cute in this picture, showing off for the camera. 


A little while back I had posted about a vet visit. I've been on two rounds of an antibiotic. I'm acting more like myself and, although my litter box visits are still not quite like they should be, things are improving. Thanks for the purrs. Keep 'em coming. 

Monday, March 15, 2021


These boys are such buddies. They often lay exactly the same way, and while they don't snuggle, they do hang out together. Tonight, they are fussing about how Dad almost stepped on Loki coming down the stairs. Fortunately Dad sidestepped quickly but scared the daylights out of Loki. On the plus side, they got some extra treats out of it.