Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stinkin' it up

Mom came home today and said I can "really stink it up!" That's definitely a compliment, right?

Climbing the walls

This evening, Josie was trying to get a bug that had flown in as mom and dad came home and she must have jumped four feet in the air against the wall, then did a sort of half-run down the wall. Mom and dad were both really impressed (to be honest, I was a little, too). Mom brought out red bug and Josie and Huggy took turns climbing the wall. Huggy did pretty good, but Josie is just so spritely that she could really jump up there, then push off with her back legs and come down. To be so little, she can really get some air! Dad tried to get a picture, but as soon as he got the camera, they decided they were done.

(Special note: I can jump higher than that. Yes, I'm bigger than Josie and Huggy -- although Huggy is catching up -- but when it's just dad and I and we play orange ball, I jump a good five feet to bat the ball away.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Feeling a little studious

I was feeling a little studious today, so I thought I would enjoy a little time in the bookshelf. When I was kitten, this was one of my favorite places to find. But now I'm a little too fluffy to fit behind the books. I usually end up pushing them all out into the floor. Posted by Hello

Love at first sniff

I love my new cat superscratcher! Thanks mom and dad. If your mom and dad have not bought you one of these, you need to tell to go to Target or PETsMART and get you one today. (It's laced with catnip....yummmmm!) Posted by Hello

Hide-and-go seek

Josie is the master at hide-and-go seek. She found mom and dad's pile of boxes that were by the door to be recycled and decided that she and Huggy needed to play a game of hide-and-go seek. She was the hider first. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

All puffed up

Dad got us all puffed up today. His friend came over to get adjusted and she brought her Pomeranian with her. He had just gotten a lion cut (insulting, if you ask me, to give a feline cut to a dog) and was very cute. But we all got puffed up, Josie was walking sideways to appear big and threatening. We ended up in the bathroom and bedroom (behind doors so we wouldn't team up on him) while they visited. That dog even had the nerve to drink out of our water bowl. But Dad promptly washed it so we didn't get dog cooties.

Big fish

These (blurry) fish were about the size of Josie. Again, take away all the hundreds of gallons of water and we're talking about a tasty treat. (This picture was taken by 9-year-old Noah. In an attempt to perk him up, Dad, his uncle, let him use the camera. He didn't do too bad, but aquarium tank pictures are not the easiest to take.) Posted by Hello

Here birdie, birdie ...

Mom and Dad took Sarah and Noah to the aquarium in Fort Fisher, NC. On their way, they took the Fort Fisher Ferry from Southport to Fort Fisher. These seagulls follow the boat while people throw bread to them (Dad threw round Tostitos; he liked the way they flew like small frisbees) and the birds follow the boat the entire way. As tempting as they may be to try to get, there's just too much water for me. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

They're HOME!!!

Mom and Dad have returned, and they brought Josie and Huggy Bear with them. (Yes, Max, I'll get pictures of her up soon for you...) Seems they got all kinds of "sun" at the beach and played with their neice and nephew. Dad said he took lots of pictures, too, but it will take a while to download them.

It was a pretty busy week here, too. Nick and Lindsey came down from upstairs and gave me all kinds of love and attention while everyone was away.

And when Dad was unloading the car today, he saw Momma Cat, and she was skinny again! So there are more kittens -- we assure inside across the way right now. I'll keep you posted.

I think it's time for me to go nap with Mom. She seems to need some rest after all her vacationing.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A week of quiet

Huggy and Josie are going to camp for a week while mom and dad are on vacation. I will have the run of the place, without having to look over my shoulder to see if I'm about to get pounced! Sure, I'll miss them a little, but they just aren't ready to be home alone like I am. Our neighbors upstairs are going to come visit and brush me and give me individual attention!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What?!? Mom and Dad visited Dad's parents for his sister's high school graduation. They don't have a cat (can you believe it?) -- instead, they have one of these. It's called a Papillon, but if you ask me, it's a dog. Sure, she's sweet ("Sassy" is her name...) and she likes Mom, even though Mom is "not a fan of dogs." Sassy ends up loving on her even more trying to win her over. I guess as dogs go she's pretty and nice (and weighs hardly more than me, so she's probably ok). Posted by Hello

Don't toy with me!

Dad enticed me with the yellow mouse. He then put it on the table near me. I thwacked it off the table, then, with it safely on the floor and me on the table, we decided to peacefully coexist. Posted by Hello

Huggy and the mouse

Huggy Bear enjoyed the red mouse. He got in almost completely in his mouth and ran off with it. Talk about a good $1 spent. Three mice for a buck at the One Spot. Posted by Hello

Fighting the green mouse

Mom and dad brought us these great furry mice from Target. Josie went nuts with them, taking turns attacking, carrying, fighting and killing them. In one day, she completely dismantled one. None have tails left on them. Posted by Hello

Boots in pot

Boots was visiting on the back porch a few days ago. She decided to rest in the flower pot. Must be an Anne Geddes fan. Posted by Hello

Rainy day visitor

We like getting visitors. This young cat showed up on our back porch today during a rain storm. I think he found some of the food that we were putting out for the two kittens outside (Boots and Goldie ... boots is black with white "boots" and is almost perfectly symmetrical in her coloring except for the smallest white dot on her nose. Goldie is striped like Momma Cat, except she has a golden spot on her head.) Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sleeping everywhere?!?

Mom told dad that I've slept in every place imaginable today. I think I can imagine a few more places...

Just for a brief tally ... today I've slept in mom and dad's bed, under the bed, on the kitchen table, in the plant stand (cat stand!), in my carrier (I'm not going anywhere, but I like it so mom and dad are nice enough to leave it out for me), on the orange duffle bag from Sunday's visit to Aunt Lisa (I like to get my hair all over it!), in the small box that mom's book club books came in (free shipping, come on, how could she say no ... and besides, she has a goal), on the couch, on the futon, on the microwave ... I'm sure I'm leaving somewhere out. And I haven't even slept in the bathroom sink or the closet today yet ... I need to get busy!

Friday, June 03, 2005

I love Aunt Tiff's bed!!!

I love when Aunt Tiff comes to visit because she brings toys to get high on the nip with and yummy treats. But the best part is all my favorite blankets and sheets are put on her bed. I love to roll around and get them all fuzzied up for her. I like to call that "getting them full of Jasper love." Posted by Hello


Josie just loves playing hide and go seek. This is one of her hiding places. She loves to jump out and get mom's feet when she walks by. Or when mom gives her an ice cube to play, she will come darting out from under the rug and attack the cube.

Posted by Hello