Friday, July 25, 2014

That's about all she can take

Some days you just can't go any longer and you just need to find your favorite cat bed and sleep.

A ball of Maggie sleeping
Here's Maggie in her favorite bed. (I would have sworn this was bought for me to replace a really ragged box that I had to give up -- but now it's pretty much Maggie's). You can see she's covering her eyes from the light so she can sleep a little longer. It's not easy being a little sister some days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Belated Stinky Goodness Cat

Well, it took them long enough, but Maggie finally got her Stinky Goodness Birthday Cake!

Maggie finally got her stinky goodness birthday cake.
Maggie turned nine back on June 17, but it was almost exactly a month later before she got her cake. Maggie got her taste first, but then she shared with the rest of us. We don't do a lot of wet food, so we usually just have a few licks, then come back later for a nibble. But either way, it was good.

Also, our wall climbing shelves arrived the other day. We still need to order brackets and figure out where they need to go, but at least the shelves are here, and that is very exciting!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We are winners!

Yes, you heard that right -- we are winners! Well, we're always winners because we're cats, but we're extra winners today because we got a confirmation e-mail telling us we were one of the lucky 500 who won a four-pack of wall climbing shelves from Contempocat in the Hauspanther "Cats Climbing High Challenge" yesterday. Mom and Dad will still need to order some shelf brackets, but the shelves themselves are on the way! Now we need to scout out a good place for our shelves. Special thanks to The Island Cats and Chey for putting the link up.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Finally July...

June was just a stupid crazy month for Mom and Dad. They just realized last night that Maggie never even got her birthday cake, so that's happening this weekend. They do have a good excuse, with Mom's work having to move before the wrecking ball shows up. Mom has worked pretty much every day for three months.

Jeni with the boy cats
Sometimes we just have to pin Mom down and force her to stop moving. Huggy Bear and I are very good at making Mom stay in bed. It really is a team effort.