Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Aslan snoopervising

You see that tiny little dark spot at the very top of the stairs? That's Aslan snoopervising today. He can see the entry and out the front windows by the door, plus all of upstairs. It's a great cat spot. Dad said Jasper really liked that spot too. Snoopervising is a very important part of our day. 

Monday, November 06, 2023

Loki the therapy cat

 I am a very intuitive cat. I understand when Mom or Dad aren't feeling well and I spring to duty. I will smother them with love and purrs until they feel better. Last Tuesday Dad got food poisoning, which took him out of commission all day Wednesday. He ended up sleeping in the guest bed in case it was something else and he didn't want to get Mom sick too. I stayed with him all night (I mean, it is the bed Aslan and I like to sleep on anyway), and once Dad started to rouse in the morning I snuggled beside him on my back with my head tucked into his chest and armpit and purred the yuck away. It is an important job that I have. Dad has been feeling much better, and I have no doubt it's largely in part of my care. and attention.