Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Black Cat Day!

I saw on Simon's Cat that today is Black Cat Day so Happy Black Cat Day to all my house panther friends out there, and especially to my brother Huggy Bear! Black cats get such a bad rap, but they are some of the most precious and loving cats Mom and Dad have been around (I've only been around one, but if he's a good representation then they're all OK in my book).

HB getting love from Mom
This is an older picture of Huggy Bear (2008 -- wow!) but this is how you'll usually find him, snuggled up as close as he can be to Mom.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Windows are open -- life is better

My abscess is healing nicely and I'm feeling much better. Thanks for all the well wishes. Hurricane Matthew passed by us with few issues locally. We had heavy winds gusting up to 52 mph, and hard rain steadily on Saturday. In Columbia we had about 240 trees down and 31 roads blocked, but we were unaffected. Today was a prefect day, so nice that we had our windows open and enjoyed some fresh air.

During my illness Maggie was acting weird. Mom and Dad decided she had bruised her paw pad or tweaked her back left leg because of how she was behaving. She seems to be moving better now, but Mom also noticed that she was down about two pounds (now 7 1/2) which caused some concern. We are now trying out some wet food to try to get a little weight back on her, but so far it's Josie and I who are benefiting from the wet food. Dad bought 12 different brands and styles and we are taste testing them. We'll let you know our verdict once we've tried them all.