Thursday, December 28, 2017

His happy spot

When there's no remote control to lay on, Huggy Bear likes to sleep on Mom's iPad. 

Knock knock...

This stinker was knocking on the office window this afternoon. Mom and Dad were watching TV and heard noise and this little woodpecker was tapping on the screen, then later on the window itself. It looks like one of us will need to be transferred from squirrel watching duty to woodpecker patrol.

Mom and Dad got back in town from Christmas travel late last night and we were so happy to have them back. Our neighbor was checking on us, and she's very nice, but we've been a challenge for her lately. I've started hissing at her and Josie stalks her. Maggie hides, which doesn't help since her needs anti-nausea meds while Mom and Dad are away due to her anxiety.

What we think happened is that Dad accidentally set off the panic alarm on the home security system when he held the remote in his hand. The corner of the car key pressed against the button. It is so loud when the alarm sounds and it's traumatized Maggie the most. Right before the alarm sounds it beeps and we think Maggie has learned to hide when she hears the beep. This is also the beep that happens when the neighbor comes in just before entering her code to disarm things. So Maggie hides. Our neighbor even hung out watching TV and enjoying a beer hoping Mags would come out but no luck. 

Maggie has snuggled with Mom from the second she came in. She loves Mom so much. 

[Hopefully Dad's fixed the alarm remote issue by flipping the remote on the key ring. Unfortunately Christmas night somehow a motion sensor went off -- probably one of us hitting the Christmas tree near the sensor. Fortunately our cat-sitter's daughter and her boyfriend were at the house and are both police officers. They swept the house and endured it was just us. But that stupid alarm was loud again. That should be the last false alarm for a while.]