Saturday, October 30, 2004

Momma cat

Momma cat was guarding her turf pretty good today. All four babies have been sleeping in a huddled mass, and one of our other neighbors has been bringing out friend chicken bones. This is a nice gesture, but it has attracted the interest of some other passing cats. So dad has taken it up himself to toss them away so momma cat has less stress. More on this later.

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Return of the Kitten

The little black and white kitten has returned. He was gimpy also, so he may have gotten hurt away from his family, or maybe he has been nestled in the bushes out front for safety so he can rest. But the whole family is back again.

This is a picture dad took about a week ago. Kitten likes to go to the second floor and look down from through the banister rails. Posted by Hello

Big stretch

Steee-retch! I also like to sleep on the futon and stretch out. I stretched so hard, my feet stuck out! Posted by Hello

Newest sleeping spot

I have just started sleeping on the comfy green rocker. I don't know why it took me so long to discover this amazing sleeping spot! Posted by Hello

Kittens sleeping in pine straw

Here are the three little kittens. The gray and white striped one and the other black one have been laying with the injured black one. Good news, though. He was up and moving around this evening and enjoyed some wet food. Mom and dad did have to fix him his own serving so he didn't have to fight for the food, because he is the most timid of the three. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hurt kitten

The little black kitten with the hurt paw wasn't too active today. Mom checked on him several times, and he didn't eat or drink much. His two siblings cuddled up with him today and were sleeping with him tonight when Mom and Dad checked in on him. Mom is really worried about him and scared that he won't thrive, but I don't think we can take in another cat right now. The little one did manage to eat some when Dad brought them some wet food tonight, but Dad had to keep the other kittens away so he could eat, and even then he only got a little bit.

I managed to give Mom quite a scare tonight. I was sleeping and she couldn't find me and I didn't hear her calling me (maybe I was hiding and maybe I just don't want to admit it), but Mom got scared that I may have snuck out when she went to check on the kittens. Well, she ended up walking around the entire apartment complex. I heard her calling me when she was outside (and, yes, I was still inside) and when she came back in I came to her. She was really scared, because if I had gotten out, it would have meant that I had been out for about four hours, and I could have wandered a lot, and being an indoor cat who has never truly been outside, that could have been a bad situation.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kitten update

It appears that someone has adopted the black and white kitten that would come and visit. His mom and three brothers all still hang out around our place. It still drives me crazy that I can't go outside and play with them, but I understand that mom and dad have their reasons. One of the black kitten was favoring his front left paw tonight. Mom's afraid he may have broken or sprained it. Dad thinks it's more of a bruise, judging by the way they were practicing their pouncing last night.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bug hunt

I really wanted to get a bug on the back porch today, but since I'm an indoor cat, all I could do was whack at the screen. Dad picked me up and carried me outside as he tried to stomp the roach. It ran away, but it was fun anyway. Sometimes one will slip inside and I get to hunt it. I'm a very good bug hunter, and will flip the roach on its back until it get's tired of kicking its legs, then I get dad and he flushes it. I even get to watch it flush away. What fun!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Neighbor kittens

I live in a ground-floor apartment with my mom and dad, and in the complex there are a bunch of cats who prowl the grounds. We have one momma cat who lives in the shrubs out front of our building. She has four very cute kittens, two black with a hint of brown, one black and white and one gray with black stripes like momma. My mom and dad have been checking in on them, and have made sure that they have some water and treats. Our neighbors across the walk also put out food, and the nice people upstairs give them milk every now and then. I like to watch them from the bedroom window while they play out back. They're funny. My mom worries about the kittens, and would like to find a nice home for them, but it's hard to do for a family of five.

How much is that kitty in the window?

This is one of my mom and dad's favorite pictures of me ... it was taken by my mom back in my first home in Davenport, Iowa about a year ago. Posted by Hello

Meow (hello...)

This is my first blog entry as a cat. Pardon me for typing slow, I don't have thumbs. Over the next few days, I will be posting my story, how I was rescued from a no-kill shelter in Moline, Illinois, lived in Davenport, Iowa, and my move to Columbia, SC. I will also be sharing lots of pictures and a log of my busy daily activities (nap, bath, nap, eat, nap, run from window to window, nap, nap ... you get the idea). I hope you enjoy!