Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hurt kitten

The little black kitten with the hurt paw wasn't too active today. Mom checked on him several times, and he didn't eat or drink much. His two siblings cuddled up with him today and were sleeping with him tonight when Mom and Dad checked in on him. Mom is really worried about him and scared that he won't thrive, but I don't think we can take in another cat right now. The little one did manage to eat some when Dad brought them some wet food tonight, but Dad had to keep the other kittens away so he could eat, and even then he only got a little bit.

I managed to give Mom quite a scare tonight. I was sleeping and she couldn't find me and I didn't hear her calling me (maybe I was hiding and maybe I just don't want to admit it), but Mom got scared that I may have snuck out when she went to check on the kittens. Well, she ended up walking around the entire apartment complex. I heard her calling me when she was outside (and, yes, I was still inside) and when she came back in I came to her. She was really scared, because if I had gotten out, it would have meant that I had been out for about four hours, and I could have wandered a lot, and being an indoor cat who has never truly been outside, that could have been a bad situation.

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