Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Maggie's route down

Mom and Dad were looking for Maggie in the garage the other day. She likes to climb to the very top of the shelves in the garage, and there's an old handmade cradle that she'll curl up in and fall asleep.

Here's Maggie at the top of all the boxes, letting Mom and Dad know where she is. The cradle she sleeps in is on the very left.

See how she expertly stretches and steps at the same time. Boy Mom and Dad have a lot of boxes in the garage!

She's so little. I like how she slips through the base of the metal stand to come down instead of trying to step around it. Huggy Bear and I would be stuck at this point if we tried that!

One more big stretch before leaving the shelf. She's still waking up, but she knows treats are waiting for her.

Here's the big move, the step from the shelf to the top of the water heater. The water heater is a beside the garage refrigerator.

From there she's right at the inside door for Mom to scoop up and give her treats. She has this path down pat, although she still plays it up when she's up there like she's stuck or something. I think she just likes the attention.

Lucky bobcat ...

...equally lucky people who rescued the bobcat, thinking it was just a wounded cat on the side of the road.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend -- Aunt Tiff came to visit, so Mom and Dad spent less time in the yard and more time around us, which was good. Aunt Tiff also bought us some of the coolest toys, which I have pictures of and will post soon. (Let's just say FEATHERS...)

In the last picture with me in the sink, many asked if I get wet in the sink. I usually nap in the second sink that Mom and Dad don't usually use (the stopper won't stay up, which is inconvenient for them, but makes a smooth bowl for me) but silly Maggie sometimes gets excited and will lay in the other sink right after Dad turns the water off and she will get wet, and leave little wet short cat hairs all over the sink. She's silly that way.

(Lots of good pictures coming soon...)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Floofy Friday

This is one of my favorite floofy spots ... Mom and Dad's sink! It's so cool on those warm days...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Josie's Big Adventure

Josie had the most exciting adventure the other day. Mom feels bad sometimes because Josie is always looking out the windows. Mom feels that Josie wants to play outside, while for our safety we stay inside. Well on Tuesday Josie was looking out onto the deck and she saw a lizard. She got so excited her tail was just flicking away (so hard it thumped against the couch loud) and she pawed at the window. So Mom and Dad decided to pull out the harness and leash and see how she'd do.

Josie did pretty well with the harness and leash once she got over the initial sensation of wearing it. She looked around the deck, inspecting things and feeling the wood under her paws.

She was so excited her tail poofed up in the fresh air.

She considered the stairs, but Mom and Dad said that was far enough.

Maggie wanted her turn too, but she had nothing to do with wearing a harness (she tried to eat it) so she didn't get a turn. But she just couldn't stand that Josie was outside while she was inside.

You can see Maggie protesting in the background while Josie lounges on the deck. I won't say Josie was necessarily flaunting that she was outside while we were all inside, but she seems pretty cool out there while Maggie looks on jealously. Maybe Maggie will be better next time and get a turn, too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Company for dinner

Mom had a group over for dinner last night (chicken breasts stuffed with herbs and goat cheese, but did we get any? no!) so we spent a good bit of the night curled up napping in the big bathroom. I was already asleep in the sink when Dad carried Maggie in. Josie came along beside him as he talked to her and Huggy Bear pranced in right behind because he knew something was going on. Of course, it was treats and a shut door. But things go better later because Mom and Dad let us out to socialize after dinner was done. We had eight new people to sniff at, and to pick us up and oooh and aaah over us. As usual you hear the exclamations of "look how big he is" (me), and "how cute" (Maggie), "she's so pretty" (Josie) and "what a sweetie" (Huggy Bear). The visiting makes the bathroom time worth it, for sure...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh yeah, there's a screen

Maggie got so excited this weekend she misjudged the open window and bounced off the screen. It's a good thing she's not my size or she might have really been in for a shock! She's very cute, as little sisters go. On Saturday, I was laid out, napping quietly, when she walked across me, briefly bathed me, then stepped on my head and chased me. Sunday morning it sounded like a herd of buffalo coming through the house, but it was just Maggie chasing Huggy Bear. Maybe it's the Spring in the air that's putting a spring in her step, but she's acting very kitteny as she approaches her second birthday next month (I can't believe she's going to be two!).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crazy Sunday

Sunday started as a crazy day and just kept on being crazy. For starters, Maggie was playing with the blinds in Mom and Dad's bedroom windows and one of her claws got stuck. She let out the most awful cry and I came running with the low run and gave a defensive growl. Huggy Bear was right behind me, also coming to the rescue and Josie was hurrying up from downstairs. Dad released Maggie from the blinds and freed her.

But then, later in the evening, just to keep the crazy going, we had an uninvited visitor. Now you know we try to be hospitable, but Mom and Dad were working in the yard and had the big garage door open and out of the blue this stranger cat comes into OUR garage and sprays our stuff! The nerve of him! Now we aren't allowed in our own garage until Mom and Dad are able to de-stink it so we don't suddenly get the urge to spray it ourselves.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be more normal...

Seven random things...

I've been tagged by Skeeter & LC with the Seven Random Things About Me meme. Here goes...
1) There are four of us who live here, and although Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie all have the same mother, none of us have the same coloring. I'm orange, Josie is a tuxedo, HB is solid black and Maggie is a gray/brown tabby.
2) My favorite napping spot is a mesh wire plant stand. Mom and Dad leave a spot on the top shelf of the stand open so I can curl up and let my hair poke through. Very cool place to nap.
3) I am five years old and have lived in three different homes. We started in a house in Iowa, then moved to our apartment, and are in our new house.
4) I am the largest of the four of us. I weigh 17 pounds, two pounds heavier than Huggy Bear. Josie is around 10-12 pounds (I know better than to ask a lady her actual weight) and Maggie is 7-8.
5) I will curl up in bed with either Mom or Dad, when they are in bed alone, but only make brief visits when they are both in bed, usually to curl up on Dad's pillow. I prefer not to share.
6) I only eat treats when they are from a brand new fresh package.
7) I've been blogging since October 2004 and get more visits than Mom and Dad's blogs (and you know we let them know it, too...)

Now I'm supposed to tag seven other cats ... I don't want to sound like a spoiler, but most of who I'd look to tag have already been tagged, so if you want to participate, consider yourself tagged.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mancat Monday

This is my first Mancat Monday picture.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New treats!

As you may know, I am not a real treat eater ... I leave that to Huggy Bear, Maggie and Josie (Dad says just because he's in the kitchen doesn't mean they're supposed to get treats, but that just doesn't make sense). But I've found a treat even I go bonkers for ... the new Whisker Lickin's Crunch Lovers treats! They were on sale at Target and Mom and Dad had a two-for-one coupon and let me tell you -- YUM! Check them out.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Please pray for Buzzerbee. He needs all our support right now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Saying it with comics

Some days I feel like I have this relationship with Maggie... (from Dog Eat Doug ... ok, it's about a dog, but I still like it.)

Also, Dad showed me this one from Lio and I laughed so hard...