Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Maggie's route down

Mom and Dad were looking for Maggie in the garage the other day. She likes to climb to the very top of the shelves in the garage, and there's an old handmade cradle that she'll curl up in and fall asleep.

Here's Maggie at the top of all the boxes, letting Mom and Dad know where she is. The cradle she sleeps in is on the very left.

See how she expertly stretches and steps at the same time. Boy Mom and Dad have a lot of boxes in the garage!

She's so little. I like how she slips through the base of the metal stand to come down instead of trying to step around it. Huggy Bear and I would be stuck at this point if we tried that!

One more big stretch before leaving the shelf. She's still waking up, but she knows treats are waiting for her.

Here's the big move, the step from the shelf to the top of the water heater. The water heater is a beside the garage refrigerator.

From there she's right at the inside door for Mom to scoop up and give her treats. She has this path down pat, although she still plays it up when she's up there like she's stuck or something. I think she just likes the attention.

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