Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Three times the cats, three times the hair

Mom better wash this three times before Aunt Tiff comes again. Aunt Tiff has some serious allergies, but she LOOOOVVVVEESSS us. Didn't you see the toys she brought us?? Posted by Hello

White belly baby

Here you go Aunt Tiff...this is what I like to do with your comforter. No wonder mom washed it twice before you came. You should see the hair on here after I'm finished with it!! Posted by Hello

Sleeping Beauty

OH's got the flashy thing again. Doesn't she know Josie must get her 22 hours of naptime. Posted by Hello

Jogging Cat

Well at least someone is using the treadmill--hint, hint, mom and dad. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

"Sugar Donut" Canoe

Talk about Big Canoe, this is Josie's sugar donut canoe. Dad loves this picture because he thinks it looks like Josie is taking a ride in a canoe. Her little arm is hanging over the side like she's testing the waters. Posted by Hello

Thanks Aunt Tiffany

Thanks Aunt Tiffany for our Easter jingle balls and Chicken treats. Posted by Hello

Chicken treat tug of war

Josie and Bear were trying to take off with the chicken treats. Posted by Hello

Game player

When my Aunt Tiffany was here for a visit, she, mom, and dad played a new game called "Scene It?" And that silly little Huggy Bear decided he wanted to play also. He chased the dice and "moved" the game pieces around the board by smacking them with his paw. And when he got tired of playing the game, he thought it would be funny to steal everyone else's pieces and make a run for it. Posted by Hello

What's she doing out there?!?

Today, the weather was really nice. Mom opened the windows for us, then she did the strangest thing ... she took on of those books we like to knock off the shelves and went on the porch and sat and read. I got in the cat-stand (a plant-stand I converted into my hangout) which is right by the back door and napped. Then Josie curled up right by the back door and was soon joined by Huggy and we all napped until mom decided to end the craziness and come back inside.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Closet nap

A few hours ago, mom was getting in the shower and getting dressed (ok, her clock's a little messed up right now and she's on a cat's schedule -- up all night, nap part of the day -- which I'm ok with, but anyhow... as I was saying) ... where was I? Oh, yeah, mom was getting all cleaned up and dressed and I slipped into her closet when she wasn't looking. Well, dad just say "Where's Jasper? I haven't seen him all night." So dad went looking and when he opened the closet door, I was curled up in my favorite closet spot and looked up at him with sleepy eyes and blinked against the light he had just turned on. At that point, I figured heck, he's already woken me up, so I came out and got brushes from him.

Meanwhile, while I was enjoying my peaceful, kitten-free nap, Huggy Bear was playing hair band with dad. He really likes mom's hair bands, and can find them even when she can't. Tonight, dad was on the computer trying to find a song from a movie soundtrack (This is the Day by The The from the movie Empire Records) and Huggy kept bringing dad a hair band and dad would toss it and Huggy would bring it back to him. Dad is very happy that the kittens are learning to play interactive games with him like I do.

They have learned a lot from me. Like right now, Huggy is lying in from of the computer monitor, but he's lying flat so the screen can still be seen. Good kitten.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Huggy's growl

We have these wonderful fizzy balls that we play with. My favorite, and Huggy Bear's too, is the purple one. When he was a kitten, he would carry it around in his mouth and growl at it the whole time, like he had caught a mouse or something. It was so funny.

Today, dad cleaned out the cabinet where they keep the plastic grocery bags (boy, those things sure pile up) and Huggy had a lot of fun pouncing the bags. At one point, he brought in his favorite purple ball and plopped it in with all these fun bags. Luckily, dad saw it before clearing the bags to take to the recycling bin. Dad threw it to Huggy, and Huggy carried it off in his mouth like a prize.

Windows open

After a few days of nasty rain, it's in the mid to upper 50s and warming with a cool breeze. Dad took the day off and the windows are open. We're all just so freaking excited we don't know where to run to next.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Look out below

Dad slid off the bed tonight and almost landed on Josie. She darted out of the room, then under the bed. She' s been careful to stay under things since. Dad feels really bad that he almost squished her.

Monday, March 14, 2005

How does she sleep through that?

On Sunday, when kitten-cat naptime rolled around, I was sleeping on the cat stand (a mesh wire plant stand that I have made my elevated napping spot ... I like how cool and airy it is) and Josie was sleeping on the back of the couch with her tail hanging down. Huggy Bear curled up on the cushion below Josie and decided instead of napping, he would play with Josie's tail. So he would swat at her tail, and Josie would naturally flick her tail and he would swat it again. This went on for a good five minutes before Huggy decided to bite her tail. Three bites later and Josie had pounced Huggy Bear and was proceding to bathe his face. Those two kittens!

Aunt Tiff visits

Our "Aunt Tiffany" visited this weekend from Atlanta. She was a lot of fun. She really enjoyed playing red bug (laser pointer) with the kittens. Although she's allergic to cats (there ought to be a law against that!), she still gave us all kinds of loving attention. Can't beat an aunt like that. She might even be back next weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Cleaning house

Mom and dad are cleaning house and we are having all kinds of fun racing to be the first to sit in each newly cleaned chair. I'm winning with four!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Huggy Bear McKitten-Cat aka Mr. B, HB, or Baby Bear

This is my brother, Huggy Bear. He was so patient to let mom get this beautiful picture of him. Because he is all black, it is very hard to get a good picture of "his precious little face" (that's what mom says). Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Pink bow

Mom got the idea that it would be really cute to put a ribbon on the kittens, lay them on a white backdrop and take some pretty pictures. In a dry run, she tied a bow around Josie's neck. In this picture, Josie is shaking her heart out trying to get the offending ribbon off. Good thought, though, on mom's part. Posted by Hello

Licking my lips

OK, dad caught me licking my lips in this picture. Mom thought it was cute so I posted it. Posted by Hello

Kitchen shark

Huggy Bear like to "shark" in the kitchen when mom is cooking. He tucks himself under the edge of the cabinets (after being evicted from the counter) and waits for something to fall his way. He better be careful or he's going to get stepped on one of these days. Posted by Hello

Blue bin

All of us enjoyed this fabric bin that mom had bought to keep things in. We would alternate taking naps and hiding in it. Eventually, mom had to vacuum it and put her storage in it, but it was fun while it lasted. Posted by Hello

What're you doing?

I think Josie could have watched the water run in the sink for hours. Posted by Hello

Huggy Bear's perch

Huggy Bear likes to perch on the counter in the kitchen. Posted by Hello

My nest

I found this nice little nest of clothes as dad was folding and getting things out of the dryer. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Funny cat desktop wallpaper

Dad found this neat website by David Lanham, who is an icon designer for the Icon Factory. He has some neat wallpaper in his goodies section with cats on it (just click the little images on the left side), and the animation of the cat trying to get the fish in the aquarium on the main page is funny, too.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In the box

Huggy Bear has been into a little bit of everything lately. Mom and dad have had to pull out the spray bottle for him. Well, the other night, he found the box of extra litter. Mom and dad use Arm and Hammer, and the box looks like an inflated version of the baking soda box, and the lid flops open to reveal a plastic bag of litter. Well, dad hear ruckus in the laundry room, and realized no one was in the litter box. They he flipped open one of the flaps, and there was Huggy just having the time of his life. Fortunately he hadn't "used" the new litter.

Shredded red ball

Huggy Bear has taken very little time to shred the red ball on top of the scratching post. There are little red fuzz bits everywhere. He's such a stinker!