Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here's wishing that every cat out there has a year filled with health and treats!

Keep inside and safe with all the fireworks and celebrations tonight. We thought our Aunt Tiff was our friend, but then she showed up with enough fireworks to overthrow a small country, so now we're not too sure about her.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Secret Paws pictures

We received our Secret Paws gift about a week and a half ago, but Mom and Dad made us wait to open it until mid-week last week. We got some amazing gifts from Sparkle the Designer Cat! We got nip mice, and nip sticks and sardines and Greenies, and best of all, a copy of Sparkles book!

Checking out the new stuff
Here we are checking out all the great stuff. Look at all of us in one picture!

Josie getting the mouse
Josie was all over this mouse!

"Ah, nip  heaven!"
And Maggie was loving the nip sticks!

Jasper checking out the new mice
These colorful mice are pretty awesome too. We love their long tails.

"Mouse, mouse or mouse?"
We had so many mice to choose from...

Huggy Bear trying the box out
And of course the box counts as a toy, too.

Nip toy for Huggy Bear
And Huggy Bear really liked this nipped up toy.

Josie laying on the treats
Josie decided to lay across the treats so no one else could get them.

Maggie napping under the tree
All this excitement made us need a nap. No better napping spot than under the tree.

Thanks again Sparkle! This was a great Secret Paws!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Paws!

We got to open our Secret Paws package last night -- it was from Sparkle the Designer Cat! We really got fixed up good -- we got a copy of her book, some treats, mice and nip toys -- all kinds of great stuff. I'll be posting pictures soon ... we have so many great pictures of us going nuts over all the great stuff we got. But the desktop computer has been fussy lately, and sometimes doesn't want to wake up after hibernating, and sometimes doesn't want to boot up right, and we think it needs to be looked at by someone who knows more than Dad does. So the pictures didn't get uploaded last night. So instead, here are some pictures from two weekends ago when our little friends Gracie and Clara Ann visited and gave Josie and Maggie treats.

Gracie hand-feeding treats to Josie
The girls walk with quick heavy feet which makes us want to run away quickly (which is why Huggy Bear and I aren't getting treats) but Josie is a little braver, and was willing to eat treats from Gracie's hands.

Clara Ann hand-feeding treats to Maggie
And wherever there are treats, there is Maggie. Once she saw that Josie was getting treats she was right there to get some from Clara Ann. The girls think it is so funny the way we eat treats straight from their hands.

Gracie and Clara Ann giving treats to the girl cats
It's a little blurry, but I love little Clara Ann's smile in this picture. I think all four girls in this picture were having fun.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Paws is here!

One for us, one for the cats!
Our Secret Paws package showed up the other day, and you know what ... it's still in the box! I think we've been good, but we're having to wait. Maybe we'll get to open it tonight.

Mom should be putting our package in the mail to our Secret Paws today. We were pitching such a fit to play with it that Dad had to put it in Mom's car last night so we would calm down.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Helping Mom

Mom was trying to pick out a class to take at the gym. Maggie decided that Mom needed a little help. This is how she helped:

Maggie helping Jeni pick an exercise class
Big helper, huh?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Josie investigates

We had a stranger in the house on Saturday. The HVAC for the upstairs was acting up and the fan wouldn't turn off, so Mom and Dad had to cut the power to the heat, which wasn't all that great during the cold nights, except for the extra snuggling that Mom and Dad get from us. Fortunately the heat downstairs still works, and heat rises.

Well, when the stranger was in the house he opened a door in the closet ceiling that we didn't even know was there. There's a ladder that goes up there.

Josie investigates the attic ladder
Josie is very brave, and considered going up. She even got a paw on the second step. Dad was right there with her and wasn't about to let her get much father up. There's just too much she could get in to. But then the guy started to come down and he made a ton of noise, and that was about the end of Josie's investigating.

They were back again today to put in the part that they had to order, so hopefully the heat is working again -- just in time for it to be 76 degrees.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Get well soon Ginger Jasper!

There's another super cool orange-colored Jasper cat out there ... Ginger Jasper ... and naturally I've been a big fan ever since I discovered his blog. Well, it turns out that he is at the vet and struggling with some bad news. So please send all the extra purrs you have to him in hopes that the treatment works and that his kidneys can get going right again. Mom and Dad are particularly sensitive to this, since this is what sent their first cat Fluffy to the bridge many years ago. Ginger Jasper, get well soon and get back home to your beans -- they need you there!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Sending purrs for Daisy Mae Maus

I heard that Daisy Mae Maus is at the vet with bad news. We're sending lots of purrs that the B12 shots and IV fluids do the trick!

Simon's Cat

Have you seen that you can win a free copy of the new Simon's Cat book? Who wouldn't want that? We love Simon's Cat.