Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Intruder update -- Third night meeting the kittens

Tonight is my third night learning to be with the boys. The plan that Mom and Dad are trying is to bring me into their bedroom where I can retreat to the closet, then to let the kittens out of the bedroom. 

Tonight I ventured out of the closet to try to go to the door (and dig at the carpet until Mom and Dad get annoyed enough that they let me out). And look what happened -- Aslan poked his head out from under the bed. I froze, hissed, and went back into the closet. Not yet buddy. 

At one point I went to the door and Loki was playing with the big two story scratcher Mom found them (it's right by the door). He was less than a foot from me but he was on my blind side so I didn't fuss at him. 

Eventually I started to get really stressed and Dad let me out. He followed me down and I let him give me treats and then sat on the couch with him and purred. 

The dilemma is, even without the kittens, I just don't like being locked in the bedroom. So I think we're getting to a point where maybe the kittens will get to roam parts of the house for a little bit. It might be better so I can escape and not feel trapped in the room. 

(Also don't judge the clutter. Dad thought he was being smart by blocking the underneath of the furniture so the kittens wouldn't get under everything. It worked except for the bed where the little stinkers still figured it out.)

Long post so here's another kitten picture of Aslan making air biscuits while Dad pets him...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Intruder update -- Night encounter

Tonight I had another trial encounter with The Intruders. Mom and Dad put blankets around all the dressers, night stands, and the bed so the kittens couldn't get under anything in the master bedroom and hide. Then they brought me up to the bedroom and opened the bathroom door so the kittens could explore. I was at the doorway and have a hiss and aggressive growl at Aslan who quickly retreated to his tent. I went into the walk-in closet and curled up on the blanket Dad had put in there for me. Dad fixed me some Purely Fancy Feast (they used to be called Appetizers). I only drink the broth but I really like it. 

Well the boys eventually ventured out of the bathroom and started exploring the bedroom. Dad lost track of Loki and they realized he had come into the closet with me. (Mom and Dad were trying to give me my space but decided to see what happened.) A gave a low growl and a slight hiss but allowed them to explore. Aslan came in and worked his way over to my leftover food (the shredded chicken) and helped himself. I hissed and growled low but not too aggressively and let him eat. 

It was a promising start. The boys explored the room some more, got a little nipped up from my scratcher, then went back to their bathroom. I napped in the closet for a little bit then went back downstairs to the exact opposite side of the house from the kittens. We'll try again tomorrow, little by little, but at least it gives Mom and Dad some hope that I'll accept them. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Intruder update -- Day 1

It has been an entire day since "The Intruders" entered the house. They are very cute, and getting all kinds of love from Mom and Dad, but I'm still having a little trouble warming up to them. I was premature in my first post about no hissing, because shortly after that the hissing and growling started -- all me, not them. We'll try another meet up with them later tonight and see how it goes.

Early on they smelled like the house from the shelter/foster, and definitely not our house. Mom and Dad gave them a bath last night and I think that will help. Either way, I'm getting lots of treats out of the deal.

New kittens! Brothers Loki and Aslan joined our family today.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

New brothers

I'm excited to introduce my new brothers Loki, on the left, and Aslan, on the right (although he looks like a Hank to me). Mom and Dad adopted them today from a local kitten rescue. Loki has already turned his purr on for Mom. Aslan is being a little cautious. They are very affectionate and snuggle together and comfort each other. 

I went into the bathroom and sniffed them when they were in the carrier. They are in the big bathroom getting comfortable right now. I'll slowly be introduced to them and they'll slowly be introduced to the rest of the house. Baby steps. But no hissing is a good start. 

Mom was very worried about me being lonely. They hope this will give me some company. I was always the one who cleaned Jasper and Huggy Bear, especially HB, so these boys should give me a project. I have a lot to teach them. Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

In tent

I have a new favorite spot -- it's what Mom and Dad call "tent" ... basically, they are in bed, usually sitting up, with their legs bent up and the covers over their knees. So I will get under the covers and under their knees. It is so warm and cozy. I'll stay there for a while, sometimes up to an hour, until eventually slinking back out from under the covers.

This is a trick I learned from Josie. This used to be one of her favorite things. Years ago she would sleep under the covers tucked up tight against Mom. Being the youngest of the McKitten-Cats I learned a little trick here and there from the other three. It is nice for Mom and Dad, since we lost Jasper, Josie and Huggy Bear in the last year, to see me replicate some of their traits and habits. I think it's very comforting for them (and me too).

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cloud life

Mom and Dad recently washed the duvet cover. This was right before they left for a long weekend with friends so the duvet ended up in a fluffy pile on the floor of the walk-in closet. I've turned it into a napping cloud. I don't think they'll get to make the bed anytime soon. 

Saturday, July 06, 2019