Saturday, July 30, 2005

Serious air

Something got Josie fired up the other night. At first we thought she was chasing a bug, but Huggy and I didn't see anything worth hunting (and trust me, if it was there, we'd be on it) but she just kept jumping and jumping. Look at that air! Not bad for a little girl! Posted by Picasa

I want that mouse!

Mom and Dad have been paying a lot of attention to these kittens lately, so they picked up a scratcher for us. But this one is special. It's on an incline and has a mouse dangling inside it. So far, Huggy and Josie have flipped it several times and beat the bejezus out of the mouse. If I could just get my teeth on that elastic, it'd be ours! Posted by Picasa

What a sweet face!

This is Safari by Mom's foot the day she went home with TJ. Isn't she sweet! Posted by Picasa

TJ and Safari

This is TJ with Safari. TJ works with Dad and this is her first pet. She never even liked cats until she met me and Josie and Huggy and we showed her how good cats can be. Now she is just having a blast with her. She has even given up her nice cervical pillow because Sarafi likes to sleep in the indention in the middle. Posted by Picasa

Two-Dots heads home

Parisian took home the cat we called Two-Dots because of the dots on each side of his face. This is another sweet and playful kitten. She's friends with Amber, so we are sure he's in good hands with her! Posted by Picasa

Tight squeeze

Tyco was a silly kitten and all the kittens like to squeeze through the space between the wall and the outside stairs. Posted by Picasa

Amber and Tyco

Amber took home this sweet black and white and named him Tyco. She has been babying Tcyo ever since she went home. She called and talked to Mom last night and said that they hold her all the time and give her milk (since she doesn't seem to want water ... Mom explained that they need to dilute the milk and teach Tyco to drink water ... oh, they are spoiling him!) Tyco is in a very good home. Posted by Picasa

Two to a good home

These two kittens are going home together! These sweet little girls will give Rocky (left) and Babyface (right) great homes. We imagine they are just snuggling them to death right now. These two kittens were both lovers and perfect for two sisters. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Care package or hair package?

Mom sent a care package to my Aunt Kelly, who is travelling across the country with a traveling competitive drum and bugle corp -- The Bluecoats -- and before Mom packed everything up, I made sure I got the box good and cat haired-up. Mom thought she cleaned it out, but as Kelly was leaving her message that she got the package, she must have been unloading it because in mid-sentence she said "oh, and you sent me some cat hair!" I just wanted her to know I was thinking of her.

New theory

Mom and Dad stopped the neighbor yesterday, and that new cat actually is NOT the one her friend took, although he definitely fits in the litter. Mom and Dad have been trying to wrap their heads around the size of this litter. You see, on top of the original nine, there is this new one, plus people across the way have taken in three that all look like our litter. And we all know that, no matter how big Mamma Cat got, and she got big, she was not carrying 13 kittens!

What I think happened, and Mom and Dad seem to agree, is that Mamma Cat had this litter outside, where all her others had been inside, and she started caring for another litter, possibly abandoned by their mother, which is why there are so many. It's the only thing that makes sense.

But on a bright note, two kittens got homes yesterday! One lady from Dad's work adopted one and named her Safari and another young girl came by and took home the one Mom and Dad referred to as "Two-Dots" ... we'll have pictures of the kittens with their new mommies soon.

Friday, July 22, 2005

You've got to be kidding!

Wednesday night at about 11:30, Mom heard a kitten crying outside of our front door. Her first thought was that one of the kittens had slipped out of the carrier they stay in while Dad was putting them in for the night, but when we counted, all eight were there. Apparently, the friend of our neighbor who had adopted a kitten decided to give it back so they just dumped it out front! So now we have nine. Fortunately, Mom and Dad have gotten a decent response from the flyers they put up. One lady from work is coming to get one today, another lady called and is coming this afternoon and someone is coming Saturday for the black and white.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kittens doing well

The little kittens are doing well. Mom and Dad are struggling to keep them away from Momma Cat to wean them because the neighbors aren't good about keeping her inside, but they need to wean so she can get fixed.

There is only one that still concerns up... the one Mom and Dad call "Eyes" because she can see OK, but her inner eyelid is still ulcerated and makes getting the ointment in difficult and limits the effectiveness.

Mom and Dad have started posting "free kitten" flyers in an attempt to find them homes. Mom and Dad are exhausted, like caring for eight children, but the result has definitely been worth it. To finally see eyes when they couldn't even open them before it amazing.

Sorry I haven't posted lately, but these kittens have had the whole family distracted. I have some good pictures I will try to get up soon.

Cat webcam

My uncle Doug has a webcam that shows him working on the computer. As human's go, it can be entertaining. But the real highlight is when he steps away from the computer and turns the webcam into their cat's play tunnel. You get some great images of their beautiful gray cat.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Regal cat

Mom gets the best portrait shots of me. Dad may think he can shoot good pictures, but Mom really captures me. My profile picture was also taken by Mom and that's my favorite. Posted by Picasa

Wrestling kittens

Kittens will be kittens... Posted by Picasa

Eight Is Enough

You always have to do a roll call shot. We're hoping to have found homes for at least four of them already. Of course, we started with nine, and one already has been adopted. But one of the ladies from the office here said her brother might take two, and we hope our friend will take two to be field cats and hunt mice (what fun!) so that just leaves four ... let's hope they all find homes. Posted by Picasa

The Three Amigos

These are the three amigos that usually lead the "kittens on parade" as they come around from the porch to the breezeway to get their smacks and meds. [I thought this one was more focused?!? Huh...] Posted by Picasa

Pretty In Pink

You can see some of the pink from the amoxicillin around this guy's face. Look how clean his eyes are, though! Posted by Picasa

Pretty face

This pretty-faced kitten took a break from eating to pose for this picture. Look at his beautiful blue eyes. Posted by Picasa

Climbing the stairs

This little kitten is practicing climbing the stairs. Mom and Dad keep close tabs on them while they are wandering so they don't get split up. He has "bandit stripes" by his eyes like me! (Notice Mom's "Bad Kitty" pajama pants from Target.) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Safe haven

The little kittens are taking some antibiotics now, and hopefully this will help. Mom and Dad went to Pets, Inc. and got some ointment for their little eyes and some amoxicillin that is supposed to taste like bubble gum. Boy what a production that was this evening! Mom and Dad huddled all the kittens together and took turns treating each one. Then, so as to not miss any, they were trying to put them in a box, which was ok at first, until it got more full, and they started to try to get out. But Mom realized that the one's who had been treated had pink faces from the amoxicillin. Most were doing much better after their treatment. Sadly, one looked weaker. He looked like one of the healthier kittens to begin with, but we think the entire ordeal stressed his system. He was very shaken and lathargic afterward.

Mom and Dad set up a pet carried for the kittens to sleep in at night so they are safe. This will also help with getting them weaned from Momma cat. Mom found someone who will help with getting Momma cat fixed, and she talked with the neighbors and they are ok with it. The neighbors also said they would register the kittens at Pets, Inc. and try to do the weekend adoption program. Mom and Dad said they'll help as much as they can. At least the kittens are doing a little better now and they're safe at night. That really helps Mom sleep.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts as we try to heal these kittens. It means so much to all of us here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Positive news

Well, after all my sad and negative posts about these kittens, I thought you were all due for something positive. This evening when mom and dad went out to clean the kittens (who are doing so much better, overall) they noticed one missing when they did their headcount. When they asked the neighbors, they said that someone had taken one of the kittens and given it a good home. One down, eight to go! We may have a home for two and the lady all the way above us has a connection at a shelter that may line things up for the rest. Things are going to work out ...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Baby Kitten Update

Mom and dad have been taking such good care of the kittens that they are really starting to look better. Mom and dad have been cleaning their eyes and noses, and are making sure they are protected. They have also been feeding mama cat good food and water, and the babies some extra cat milk. We are hopeful that the worst is behind them now. And mom is going to take mama cat to get her spayed when mama cat can because she is still feeding the babies.

Just worried sick

Well those baby kittens have Mom just worried sick! She is so sad today thinking about them and so mad mad mad at the neighbors for not taking responsibility. Can you believe they just leave those sick babies outside to live or die without a care in the world? You can't have the fun without accepting the responsibilty! Well, Mom and Dad are going to get some drops and wipes, but it just bugs them that this should have never happened in the first place.

Mom needs our loving today because she's sad. Please say a prayer for these little kittens. They need all the help they can get.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tasty bag

Mom and Dad went to the mall today and brought back the best bag. I've tasted lots of bags before, but so far, this one from Williams-Sonoma is the best. I must have licked it for a good five minutes before needing some water. That's some good bag! Posted by Picasa

Midnight in the Garden of Good Steaks

Dad was cooking steak on a little grill the other day and a visitor showed up. Mom tossed him a tiny piece of steak since he was so good to wait and not intrude or terrorize the grill. Sometimes we'll see him sleeping on our patio. He's very pretty with great Halloween eyes. I think Mom and Dad have started calling him Midnight. Posted by Picasa

Tiny kitten

Look how tiny these little kittens are! This is one of them after Mom and Dad cleaned up their eyes. You can see that this little one's eyes are pretty puffy, but this isn't the worst. I'll be getting better pictures of them up once they have healed up some. Mom and Dad did mug shots of the kittens, but we decided some were just a little too pathetic to post right now ... but soon. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Goopy eyes

Momma cat's little kittens are living outside on the irresponsible neighbor's back porch and yesterday, Mom was outside talking to some of the ladies who work at the apartment complex and when they picked up the kittens, they noticed that their eyes were still shut. They must have some kind of infection or something. Today, Dad went out with a warm washcloth and cleaned their eyes and opened them the best he could, then put some food and water out because it's awful hot here. I think Mom and Dad are going to pick up some eye wipes from the pet store and see if they can help them out. One keep trying to explore, despite having both eyes shut. That's when Mom and Dad realized they really needed to do something to help them out. We had all been hoping that Momma cat would take care of them. It just makes us nervous for them. They're just so small and cute and frail right now.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Me and my shadow

I love to show Huggy Bear all the cool places to hang out. Sometimes he's like my shadow. Posted by Picasa

Foiled again

While mom was trying to pack to go out of town, I thought I would foil her plans by sleeping in the duffel bag. Or she may not see me in there and take me with her and dad. But she told I would not want to go with her and dad because they were staying at house where little people would be and there would a silly little dog named Brendel.

FYI - suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks are some of my favorite places to sleep. I love to get them all haired up so mom and dad don't forget about me when they are gone. Posted by Picasa

Little people

Last week mom's friend Lisa came over and she brought her little girl Gracie with her. I'm not too sure about little people, but Huggy Bear sure took to Gracie. Gracie has a tuxedo cat at home named Lane so she is used to cats. Gracie really enjoyed playing purple fuzzy ball with Huggy. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Found a home?

We haven't seem Goldie in two weeks and Boots has been gone for about a week now. We think they found homes! Momma cat hasn't been around lately, but we think she's been inside with her nine (yes, nine!) kittens.

In the dark

I was watching Miss Congeniality 2 with mom and dad late last night when suddenly the movie went away, the tv went away ... well ... EVERYTHING just went away! It seems the power went out and it got dark, and I mean real dark. I know I have better vision than mom and dad, but it was do dark that even I couldn't see well. Dad got a few flashlights (I must say I was impressed he found it ... I helped him a little by putting it in his hand, but he doesn't know that) and mom lit these candles and we all hung out together until the power came back on. It was a fun little adventure. I guess too many people had their air conditioning on at the same time.