Saturday, July 23, 2005

New theory

Mom and Dad stopped the neighbor yesterday, and that new cat actually is NOT the one her friend took, although he definitely fits in the litter. Mom and Dad have been trying to wrap their heads around the size of this litter. You see, on top of the original nine, there is this new one, plus people across the way have taken in three that all look like our litter. And we all know that, no matter how big Mamma Cat got, and she got big, she was not carrying 13 kittens!

What I think happened, and Mom and Dad seem to agree, is that Mamma Cat had this litter outside, where all her others had been inside, and she started caring for another litter, possibly abandoned by their mother, which is why there are so many. It's the only thing that makes sense.

But on a bright note, two kittens got homes yesterday! One lady from Dad's work adopted one and named her Safari and another young girl came by and took home the one Mom and Dad referred to as "Two-Dots" ... we'll have pictures of the kittens with their new mommies soon.

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