Thursday, June 30, 2005

Climbing the walls

This evening, Josie was trying to get a bug that had flown in as mom and dad came home and she must have jumped four feet in the air against the wall, then did a sort of half-run down the wall. Mom and dad were both really impressed (to be honest, I was a little, too). Mom brought out red bug and Josie and Huggy took turns climbing the wall. Huggy did pretty good, but Josie is just so spritely that she could really jump up there, then push off with her back legs and come down. To be so little, she can really get some air! Dad tried to get a picture, but as soon as he got the camera, they decided they were done.

(Special note: I can jump higher than that. Yes, I'm bigger than Josie and Huggy -- although Huggy is catching up -- but when it's just dad and I and we play orange ball, I jump a good five feet to bat the ball away.)

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