Friday, May 20, 2005

That's why they called him "Bullet"

When Huggy Bear was first brought into the house, and mom and dad were helping find good homes for their brother and sister, they nicknamed him Bullet because he would dart out of the bathroom (their temporary home) the second you opened the door. Usually this would result in a slight chase with me (you see, I wasn't fully comfortable with having visitors and roommates yet) and dad scooping Huggy Bear back up.

Well, tonight, dad stepped out to the back porch to get some tools from the storage closet and Huggy Bear darted outside! What was he thinking?!? Well, dad reacted quickly and snagged Huggy Bear by the tail (just barely), then got his entire tail and Huggy turned around and scrambled back inside. It's not that Huggy hasn't been outside before, and he has his claws. And even though mom and dad are sure he'd come back. It's just that we are at an apartment complex and you just never know. And come on, there are no ice cubes out there to play with, or cat chow or a soft bed to curl up on when mom and dad lay down. I could go on and on. But he's a silly kitten, and sometimes they do silly things...

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