Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tuckered out

When I was a kitten, Mom wanted me to sleep in bed with her and Dad so bad, but I wanted to play all night and sleep in Dad's bedside trashcan. When the kittens came into our lives, they LOVED sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad. So I decided I should give it a whirl. To my surprise I liked it. I don't sleep in there every night, but some night when I want some extra love, I'll curl up on Dad's pillow or at Mom's feet or behind her knees.

On Tuesday I was so tuckered out from playing all day, I curled up with Mom and Dad while they watched TV. Mom's feet were getting cold so she covered them up, and she so nicely tucked me in for sleepytime. Dad was afraid was going to get too hot under the covers, but I loved it. Josie sleeps under the covers every night with Mom and Dad. Huggy likes to play under the covers, but he doesn't do much sleeping under them. Posted by Hello

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