Saturday, May 14, 2005

Well adjusted cat

I have been a little wheezy lately (mom said I sould like a stalker calling on the phone) so dad decided it was time for an adjustment. Mom and dad are chiropractors, so when I'm not doing well, their first approach is to make sure my spine is moving right to get the pressure off my nerves so I can heal and function right. It works really well, too! When they first adopted me, a friend bought them The Well Adjusted Cat by Daniel Kamen. A lot of the tips were simple things they already knew but just had to apply to our unique cat anatomy. Some things in the book I just won't cooperate with, and that's OK too. But if you're not lucky enough to have a chiropractor for a mom and dad, many vets will do adjustments, too. There was one in Iowa who adjusted all the animals who came through. One friend would take her older cats there to help them be able to move easier. It's amazing how much better it makes me feel!

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