Friday, May 05, 2006

Kangaroo cat

The other morning Dad ran out to Hardees while Mom was still in bed. Then Mom heard this skritch, skritch sound like claws on metal. Her first thought was that Midnight was outside clawing at the front door begging for treats. She stepped out and saw Maggie and Josie by the front door getting something in the bottom right corner. Mom couldn't see anything at first. Then she noticed the silver magnetic clothes pin down by the corner of the door. This clothes pin is usually in the middle of the door for notes and reminders to Dad (forgetful). Well, Mom put the clothes pin back where it goes, and right away Maggie goes back to making the skritch, skritch sound Mom had awoken to ... jumping almost all the way up the door to knock the clothes pin down! For a little girl, she can really get up there. When Dad got home, she was still doing it! Amazing... (You can kind of see the silver clothes pin in the picture in the middle of the upper + of the design on the door just above Maggie's head and left paw. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was trying to look out the peep hole.) Posted by Picasa

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