Monday, June 04, 2007

Tuxie Tummy Tabby Toy Tuesday

More pictures from our super fun play day with Aunt Tiff and her feather toys she bought us...

Here's Josie in a perfect Tuxie Tuesday huntress pose. She would grab the feathers, then run away and try to take them. It looked like she was on the end of a fishing line.

This is another great shot of Josie extending to get the feathers as Maggie watched. A little Tuxie Tummy, too...

Probably the best Tummy Tuesday shot of the day from us! Maggie really wanted to swat it good! (Click to biggify and check out Maggie's claws in her right paw.)

As you can she, she got it!

Thought I'd share a little side tummy shot of me too. I have a little more side tummy to show than the girls.

And one last picture, a Tabby Tuesday with a House Panther thrown in (Huggy Bear deserved some face time, too).

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