Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maggie's stroller adventure

Well Mom and Dad took Maggie out in the stroller last night. Overall, there were mixed results. The key lesson learned: Don't exit through the garage because Maggie will freak out when you open the loud garage door. Dad doesn't want us to relate the front door to an exit to the outside world. Oddly, we'll rush the garage door, but we show minimal interest in the front door, and Mom and Dad want to keep it that way. So they thought they'd use the garage door instead. So maybe it'll be a back door exit for the stroller. When Maggie was first outside in the stroller Mom and Dad stayed in the driveway and Maggie seemed pretty comfortable with the idea. She actually seemed to like things. Once Mom and Dad started to stroll down the street to show Maggie off to a neighbor, Maggie got a little less comfortable (probably in part of the world she's not seem nor smelled) and curled up in the more sheltered part of the stroller. Mom and Dad called it quits at that point, brought her back into the garage (recall lesson learned) and preceded to freak Maggie out shutting the garage door. She calmed down after about 30 minutes. I think the garage door traumatized her more than the stroller. Maybe Josie will get a ride this evening. HB and I have yet to pay much attention to the stroller at all.

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