Friday, December 05, 2008

Finally Friday: Flying out on Friday

Mom and Dad got up very early and flew out to Cincinnati to watch Aunt Kelly play the tuba in her senior recital at The University of Miami at Ohio. We're excited about them coming home, not just because we don't like when they are gone, but because when they come home they are putting up the Christmas trees. Yes, that's right, trees. Three of them! That's three times the tree-terror from Maggie. So even though we're not happy about them leaving, it means we're that much closer to having an indoor forest.

Jasper and Maggie sharing a spot in the garage
Unfortunately, we won't get garage time with Mom and Dad gone. This was a rare moment the other day, when I allowed Maggie to snuggle with me on an old comforter in the garage. I'm realizing that I am a cold weather cat, and I really like to hang out in the cool garage this time of year, even though Mom and Dad insist I'm nuts and that a warm blanket is better.

I guess Dragonheart and Merlin are still having some computer issues because they haven't updated in almost a month. I hope they get the issues resolved because I miss those guys.

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