Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Paws is in the mail!

Mom and Dad mailed off our package to our Secret Paws friends yesterday. It should get there just in time for Christmas, hopefully.

Do we have to give this toy away?
We helped Mom and Dad pack up the Secret Paws gifts so we knew that they were packed right. Maggie liked this wand toy, and really didn't want it to go. Maybe Mom and Dad will go back to World Market and get her one for Christmas.

Why are there dog treats with these cat toys?
There were some dog chews in with everything, too. Josie was a little confused by this, and tried to separate the dog stuff from the cat stuff, but Mom explained that this family has cats and a dog, and we couldn't leave the dog out.

Huggy Bear helps pack the box
Huggy Bear inspected the packing, making sure that everything fit in the box just right.

So Secret Paws friends, you don't know who you are yet, but your stuff is heading your way right now! I hope you like it...

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