Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sixth photo meme and Sassy explanation

Well, I guess it was a little wrong to put a picture of Sassy up on Wordless Wednesday without an explanation. Sassy is Aunt Kelly's dog (but we all know she's really Dad's dad's dog). She has always been a big fan of Mom, and Mom and Dad got to spend some time with Sassy last weekend when they were up in Cincinnati. (She really liked Mom when Mom was cutting up some turkey...)

Snow Dog
Here's Sassy out in the snow. She's a 14-year-old papillon and although she has arthritis and gray hair and moves a little slower than she used to, she's still full of spunk and will get out in the snow and explore all around.

Sweet Praline tagged us a little while back with the Sixth Photo Meme. We have a lot of photo folders, but this is about us cats, really, so I'm bypassing all the human stuff and going to the good pictures.

This is from February 2006. Josie is apparently bathing by the sink in a very dimly lit picture. This is back in the old apartment in the guest bathroom. Looks like Josie might be licking some water off her paw, but I'm not too sure.

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