Monday, December 15, 2008

Mancat Monday

Dad was being lazy about putting the luggage away so I turned it into a bed and started putting my hairs on it. Then, and only then, did he decide to put it away. Really, I think I was putting it to good use -- at least better use than to help Mom and Dad take off again.

Jasper sleeping on the luggage
This was much more comfortable than it looks to the untrained eye.

Mom and Dad were mumbling and grumbling about wanting just one day to spend at home to get caught up and decorated. They were so busy with the annual volunteer dinner at the theatre that the tree is still not up. I'm not giving up home quite yet. Maybe since the tree is going up late, they should leave it up further into January.

[Update: This dog looks like he's having fun in the snow, but that video just reminds me why I'm an indoor cat.]

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