Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Paws is here!

Our Secret Paws package arrived today and our Secret Paw is Forty Paws! It is such an honor to be Secret Paws with someone we've been following for so long, and they really spoiled us.

Our Secret Paws is here!
Maggie and Huggy Bear helped empty the box.

What's in the box?
Josie inspected the empty box very closely.

Look at all these presents
Look at all this stuff!

How did it all fit in this box?
How did it all fit in this box?

I want to open this one first!
Huggy Bear picks which one he wants to open, then opened it with his teeth! It was the hammock.

Lick those lips ... look at the Temptations!
Temptations ... worth licking your lips over, for sure!

Jasper claims the orange Temptations and the catnip
I was very excited about the fresh nip and the orange bag of Temptations.

Fresh catnip!
Nip is good!

Hmm... where's this end go?
"Where's this end go?" Maggie helped Dad assemble the hammock.

Maggie likes the hammock
Maggie modeled with the collection of presents.

All tuckered out
But then got so tuckered out she needed to nap on the hammock.

Look at our great gifts!
I think Maggie thinks these are all hers.

Girls, there's no reason to fight over the hammock
We were told to share, but someone didn't listen too good.

Josie testing the pink cat hammock
Once Maggie agreed to share Josie hasn't gotten out. Josie loves the hammock I think even more than Maggie.

Thanks everyone at Forty Paws for our amazing Secret Paws package -- we love it!

[On a side note, you may notice a little blue line on some of the pictures. Our camera is goofing up with one week left on the warranty, so we'll be sending it off and going low res on our pics for a few weeks. Bummer!]

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