Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I can't believe today is New Year's Eve ... where has the year gone? So much has happened in one year, and much too much to try to recollect, but to say we've had ups and downs, but more ups than downs. Thank you all for bringing that special something to our lives that we never knew we were missing until we had it.

I know I've been lax on visiting and commenting lately with the holidays and such, and I promise to get back on track in the new year (no, not a resolution -- those you break, this I won't). To make up for not visiting as much as I should be, I offer you the following photos of us watching squirrels:

It takes a yard full of birds and a squirrel to bring them all to one window
We all got very excited -- the yard was full of birds and a squirrel was digging in the flower bed just in front of the dining room window. It takes a special event to get us all in one window.

Maggie on squirrel patrol
Maggie was very intrigued by the activity of the squirrel, who was either burying or digging for dinner.

Squirrel that digs up the mulch
Look at him giving us the business! Sassy squirrel!

Jasper on patrol
I decided to give him the business right back.

Huggy Bear and Jasper squirrel watching out front
Look at him, Bear!

Huggy Bear watching the squirrel out back
Bear found another squirrel on the back porch. (The dead plant isn't really there, and is just a figment of your imagination. It's Dad's fault...)

Sassy squirrel
Mom's sister-in-law said we had a lot of squirrels. Dad said he thinks it's just two squirrels, over-and-over again. Either way, it's fun for us to watch.

Squirrel up in the tree out back
He's even taunting us from the tree!

OK, enough squirrel pics for now, I guess ... it was a busy day of squirrel watching, really, and not a bad way to kick off the new year.

Be safe and watch out for the fireworks!

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